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Full Version: Regular crashes playing videos after 30+mins
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I get regular crashes StdOut: Segmentation Fault while watching any video file (all do how ever use Chinese subtitles in SRT format) There is a delay of approximately 30-40 minutes before the inevitable crash.

I am using Ubuntu 9.04 updated as of May6th/2009 i686 arch Linux 2.6.28-11-generic
Nvidia drivers 185.18.08
AMD 7750BE 2gb of RAM Geforce 9400 GT

I Have been using the SVN PPA r19716 updated to r19896 and have currently compiled from source r19947

Details of sample file are Audio MP3 Video MPEG4

CORE Dump: http://pastebin.com/m7023618d
XBMC.log: http://pastebin.com/m237834f0

I will try a few different file types and attempt to disable subtitles and update with any further information ass available.

Additionally VPDAU does not function correctly on my system at the moment it generates corruption on a massive scale little boxes and it is actually puling in the linux desktop most strange (I have only tried one file) Unsure if that information will help most likely unrelated issues.
Update.. With my audio cable unplugged an subtitles turned off it didn't crash... trying audio only unplugged to see what happens.
i think i have the same problem. basically, after about 30 mins or so of watching a movie, the film terminates and i'm returned back to the file/movie selection menu.

i'm running off the latest svn, with all of my movies streaming off an nfs mount (with fuse/zfs on the backend). so i wasn't sure if this was the issue or not.

i'm trying without subtitles to see what happens.
It not crashing with audio and subtitles off seems to have been a freak accident for me it is still crashing no matter what at the moment.
The crash you reported here appears to be due to the subtitles - possibly they are corrupt. You may want to open a trac so the appropriate people can inspect the issue. It'd be nice for us to get it sorted, we're slowly whittling down the number of hard crashes produced by XBMC and the more complete reports we get (such as this one) on trac, the better.

With regards to VDPAU, i'm slightly more qualified to know whats going on. If you could post a log file of the playback corruption then i'd be able to tell you with certainty, however my money would be on you only having 128MB video memory.
Created Ticket #6530

Re the off topic VPDAU issue I will post a reply in the linux VPDAU thread with log.
I have the problem too.
And I uploaded my crash logs (crash log feature is very nice ^_*) to Ticket #6530.

Thanks for checking.
I changed follwing value from 2048 to 4096, and played about 40 minutes then crashed, and not crash for next 30 minutes (I tested with a 70 minutes long tv). Compare to last day, it crashed about 5 times in 50 minutes.
unsigned int CGUIFontTTF::max_texture_size = 2048;

At the end of the log, it says
Quote:21:37:08 T:3032426352 M:1660825600 DEBUG: GUIFontTTF::CacheCharacter: New cache texture is too large (4116 > 4096 pixels long)
21:37:08 T:3032426352 M:1660825600 DEBUG: GUIFontTTF::GetCharacter: Unable to cache character. Clearing character cache of 1114 characters

I don't know what my change affects, but I will change the value to 32768 and see what will happen.

updated: set max_texture_size to 32768, played 2x70 minutes tv and 1x4 hours long movie, no more crashes. I'll test more later.