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Full Version: Trailers in menu with movies and TV shows
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I found the way to turn on and off part of menus, but i didnt find a way to insert Trailers as a part of menu in the same line as movies.

Is it possible?
It's possible:

Go to your 720p folder and open: Homescrollers.xml, add:

<item id="3">
<onclick>XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyVideofiles,plugin://video/Apple Movie Trailers lite)</onclick>

Then open in the language folder/English: strings.xml an add:

<string id="31002">TRAILERS</string>

Thats it... Good luck
Little update, now trailers in main menu with info.

Replace code under: <item id="3"> in the Homescrollers.xml file

<onclick>XBMC.ActivateWindow(MyVideoLibrary,plugin://video/Apple Movie Trailers lite,return)</onclick>
thanks for the tips Wink

PS: Did you think it"ll be difficult to add mediaflag features to Horizon IV ?
Shalashaska Wrote:thanks for the tips Wink

PS: Did you think it"ll be difficult to add mediaflag features to Horizon IV ?

I've done it! Big Grin

The only problem is that i changed so much files, that i really don't know what i really changed at the end... Huh

First of all, i've used some files from the Aeon V2 skin:

I've copied the map: flags (in skin/Aeon V2/media) to the same folder in Horizonz.

I also copied the file: Includes_MediaFlags.xml (in skin/Aeon V2/720p) to the same folder in Horizonz

After that i added the next line to: Includes.xml (720p folder)

<include file="Includes_MediaFlags.xml" />

And add the next line to: MyVideoNav.xml (720p folder)


(with the other include lines)

Give it a try, if it doesn't work at let me know...

Good luck Laugh
wow....im impressed....i knew it was possible , it was a feeling :p

So, just for information, wich Aeon version are you talking about exactly ? The V2 AeonShowmix Mod ?

Edit: It alive....ALIVE ^^

So, it is working....great work, i just have to totally edit all nfo to includes mediatags for each movie...and i think i'll be back on Horizon very soon Big Grin (i dit it with the Aeon version downloaded on http://sshcs.com/xbmc/) Wink

Edit2: Strangely im not able to have related audio flags on screen ...transparent icon with "?" appeared at right on the screen...Studio are ok, resolution ok, source ok, but for audio, still blank, and ive try many things...but none is working ....really strange
Anyone can post their finished horizonz folder so that we could get media flags as well ? Smile