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Full Version: (Mac) Help with setting up library
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I love XMC and I have the beta Babylon with Auriga skin installed. I am having trouble getting the library to get my movies. I have an external drive and now what I do is I go to Videos/volumes/select the volume/Movies.
Now I have set my movies folder into different folders like ~ Asian, English, Bollywood etc. So when I need to set content I go to the apropriate folder and set content, but the asian folder which has asian movies in them are all not being able to set content. For example - I have Memories of murder which came into the library but no thumbs or fanart, The Chaser also the same thing. Also I have noticed this with bollywood movies some of them have thubs and fanart and others don't. Do I change the title of the movie to their original korean,chinese, french names or leave it with the english titles.

How Do others do it.

Is there a Media organizer for Mac like they have for Windows.