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Full Version: Filter Out Genres?
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Id like to make a control that filters out a couple of genres & the movies that apply to them. ie Action & Horror

Can this be done in the skin or is it at code level??

have played around with <visibile>! & Substring. for the list info but it does freaky things.

Use a smartplaylist.
Thanks JM

How do i execute a smartplaylist via a button, (just listing of the smartplaylist,not to start playing it)?
Hmm, good question. I *think* you can do it via ActivateWindow(VideoLibrary,<path_to_smart_playlist>) but I'm not 100 on that.

The path would be something like: special://profile/playlists/video/<name of playlist>.xsp

Give it a whirl anyway and see where you get to. If we have to make some code modifications to get this to work correctly we will.

Can confirm


Works perfectly

Thanks again JM