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Full Version: [XBOX] Video Playlist Editor is blank
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I really like the Focus theme, I'm running version 6c on my Xbox with xbmc v9.04 in 720p. All the other views are fine (that I can tell), except the Video Playlist editor. It looks like this:

(click for full size)

I don't have the ability to switch between List/Big List like in the music playlist editor (which works just fine). The playlist functions normally, you just can't see the contents of it.

Any ideas?
Still no ideas here? I've tried two different xbox systems with the same results.
I'll have to check my version of XBMC when I get home, but I have Focus 6c on an Xbox and the video playlist works fine. Have you tried the same function in PM3? Does it work correctly?
Thanks for the reply RockDawg.

Yes, PM3 and PM3HD work just fine, as do MC360 and Aeon.

At this point, I may just start with a fresh install of XBMC to see if/where this repros.
I was having this same issue on XBMC 9.04.1 Mac OSX 10.6, and it doesn't happen on any other skins.

I did find you can fix it by changing line 25 in MyVideoPlaylist.xml from...

This fix combined with the ones posted here makes this skin pretty stable, and one of the best designed skins around, great work!