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Full Version: Apple Trailers text showing through...
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Any ideas on an easy fix? Smile Is it as simple as telling it to be behind a layer? Or is it something wrong with the script? Forgive my noobiness Smile

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Oh ya, this is latest MC360, downloaded from link in thread below it is dated 5-11... Xbox is the platform and I am running a fresh install of the latest Babylon...
First off please don't post BMP image, PNG and JPG are much nicer for the internet (so I changed it to a link)

Second HMMMMMMMMMMMM I thought I fixed that ages ago will look into it
here you go replace this file in the PAL folder of the skin should fix it (rightclick save as)
First of thanks for the quick response and sorry about the bmp Smile here is a png of another issue Smile

this time with the youtube script...

See below for working script

Thanks again!
Also, where is the startup file location stored? I would like xbmc to startup in a certain folder...

burritoboy9984 Wrote:here is a png of another issue Smile
this time with the youtube script...
Thanks again!

What version youtube script is this? Afaik the latest is Youtube 3.4 and it doesn't have a working MC360 skin included. I've made one that works, though it's not sized properly for widescreen.
Ya, after thinking, I just copied over the youtube 3.4 script and it worked like a champ Smile

What exactly is the Black Market Themes, it crashes everytime I load it... here is debug Smile

20:48:04 M: 24752128 INFO: Loading skin includes from Q:\skin\MC360\extras\XBMCBlackMarket\resources\resources\skins\MC360\includes.xml
20:48:04 M: 24731648 INFO: Error loading includes.xml file (Q:\skin\MC360\extras\XBMCBlackMarket\resources\resources\skins\MC360\includes.xml): Failed to open file (row=0, col=0)
20:48:04 M: 24715264 NOTICE: Traceback (most recent call last):
20:48:04 M: 24682496 NOTICE: File "Q:\skin\MC360\extras\XBMCBlackMarket\default.py", line 43, in ?
20:48:04 M: 24682496 NOTICE:
20:48:04 M: 24702976 NOTICE: ui = main.ThemeBrowser('script-%s-%s.xml' % ( __scriptname__.replace( ' ', '_' ), window, ), BASE_RESOURCE_PATH, currentSkin )
20:48:04 M: 24735744 NOTICE: TypeError
20:48:04 M: 24715264 NOTICE: :
20:48:04 M: 24715264 NOTICE: XML File for Window is missing
20:48:04 M: 24715264 NOTICE:
20:48:04 M: 24666112 ERROR: Scriptresult: Error
20:48:04 M: 24666112 INFO: Loading skin file: DialogOK.xml
20:48:04 M: 24649728 DEBUG: Load DialogOK.xml: 29.93ms
20:48:04 M: 24375296 DEBUG: Alloc resources: 10.73ms (0.00 ms skin load, 0.27 ms preload)

P.S. I LOVE this skin... very nice work Smile

people actually use apple trailers? for what?
osmorphyus Wrote:people actually use apple trailers? for what?

If you can't guess, I hope no one tells you.
way to drag up a 5 month old post but
FOR WATCHING TRAILERS would be my first guess