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Full Version: [REQUEST] Grooveshark (grooveshark.com) plugin, script, or native code for XBMC?
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Thanks, i'll have a look at it. Unfortunately i received no answer from the Groovesharks yet Sad
Cimi Wrote:There's already a python plugin for moovida (moovida.com) media player (open source).
Could you or someone else please post a download link to that specific python plugin?

Haggy Wrote:Unfortunately i received no answer from the Groovesharks yet Sad
Another contact e-mail address is [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

You could also try reaching them through http://getsatisfaction.com/grooveshark/

People have asked there previously and got replies, see:

Again, specify that you are interested in the API to use XBMC as a client Wink
Gamester17 Wrote:Could you or someone else please post a download link to that specific python plugin?
the plugin archive has .egg extension, but can be opened with any file archiver
Cimi Wrote:http://www.moovida.com/plugins/
the plugin archive has .egg extension, but can be opened with any file archiver

This is not for xbmc right? Its a python script for use with another app I assume. But possibly going to be used as a basis for an xbmc script i am guessing.
Guess what? You're right Smile
Grooveshark dont give out their full partnership API so easily. At Fluendo (who produce Moovida of which I am a part), we obtained access privelages and have been helping them update their API for our use.

I guess they might give XBMC access too if you can work something out but you will need to keep in mind that their API is built around web use and not a media center. So the artwork is not of a high enough resolution and there is a lot of missing stuff that makes creating a hierarchy NOT so easy. (e.g. cant query artists albums and in turn tracks without doing multiple calls... er might have been fixed recently I forget)

We (at Moovida) had to do a lot of work on various things like that. In the next update for our app we are going to go outside the Grooveshark API to provide artwork and metadata that they cant cater for in the API at the moment. Skyler at Grooveshark is a good guy, just it is a popular site and he has a ton of work so Im sure it will be sorted at some point.

Grooveshark would be interesting for you guys... you can upload your entire iTunes music library (MP3's no DRM) so, makes it kind of interesting.
Are there any updates on the development of the grooveshark script/plugin?
I use grooveshark a lot on the PC, and would love to see an XBMC plugin for using at home on the xbox, especially nowadays when last.fm is not available here anymore...
is there any xbmc plugin/script that can find and play music following a search of a song/artist/album? there was a seeqpod plugin before, but they disappeared. does anybody out there know about a good xbmc alternative?

any advice or new info is appreciated!
Not sure if anyone is familiar with "Listen.Grooveshark.com" but I think that it would be an awesome addition to anyone's HTPC to have a plugin for this.
I read through other threads about this, but no one ever stated whether or not it was a possibility.
http://www.moovida.com/plugins has a plugin for grooveshark...
This would definitely be a VERY cool plugin for XBMC !!!

Anyone that are able to and have the time to reverse engineer the Moovida one for XBMC ?

Thanks for a great product !

Wow! it actually works very nice on Moovida! would be so good to have it as an xbmc plugin for the good old xbox... any talented programmer up for the challenge?
I would also really like this type of plugin or script. It looks like this is known and people are looking into it both on the xbmc and grooveshark ends. http://getsatisfaction.com/grooveshark/t...with_boxee
And what about Grooveshark? anyone?
Any new status information of the plugin/scriptHuh??
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