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Full Version: [REQUEST] Grooveshark (grooveshark.com) plugin, script, or native code for XBMC?
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Like I said, it isn't finished but there's good framework there. Good to here it's not a total mess on the Xbox, I've only tested it on OS X so far. Brandon, let me know when you have some code on your project page; as I'd like to see this plugin implemented without having to grab a key from Moovida's server; didn't know you could even access their API stuff without a key...
If by key, you mean sessionID, then yes, I use one, i thought you meant like an offical API key
dbuvid Wrote:Hey everyone, a quick update. I've become extremely busy with other coding projects (started homebrew for the Xbox 360) and I've got an internship starting in a few weeks so I'm going to just release what I have done with this.

Be advised I'm kind of using a round-about way to access Grooveshark's API (getting a key from moovida) but from what I've seen posted lately in this thread the API is changing anyway. Anyone with good Python knowledge should be able to pick up with what I have (hell, I learned Python by starting to code this). If anyone has questions about anything I've done don't hesitate to PM me.

I originally based a lot of my plugin on the Youtube plugin, so some things (specifically the Strings.xml files for each language) aren't updated for the Grooveshark plugin at all.

Download here: http://xbmc-grooveshark.googlecode.com/f...eshark.zip

i tried using this and it wouldn't work on either the xbox or mac osx i'm not sure why i entered the session id correctly and everything.. i'd love to see someone clean this code up and even have the last.fm integration too.
If groovewalrus has the correct kind of license, or you get permission from the author, you could use the groovewalrus backend to communicate with grooveshark, and then just concentrate on the frontend
a groovshark plugin would be awesome...
brandon15811 Wrote:@dbuvid
If groovewalrus has the correct kind of license, or you get permission from the author, you could use the groovewalrus backend to communicate with grooveshark, and then just concentrate on the frontend

That's a good point. It looks like he's using the GNU General Public License and since he's provided the source code the backend should be usable. I looked through the source real quick though and I didn't see where he is interfacing with Grooveshark, if anyone wants to investigate this let me know what you find out.
Its here, its not that easy to find

I am currently writing a script for grooveshark and it's almost done. I'm able to search and browse music on grooveshark and play the files. What it currently lacks is the ability to manipulate playlists but that should be relatively easy since the backend is pretty much finished (I based it on dbuvid's code, moovida's plugin, and of course google). I didn't use groovesharks internal API in order not to compromise, in some way or form, xbmc's chances at using the upcoming official API.

But I also see that dbuvid and brandon15811 have started looking at the walrus code so I hope I haven't taken the script in the wrong direction.

What I would really like to see is a complete integration into xbmc so that I would be able to browse, queue, play, search etc. from the remote for the iphone. It's a challenge I wouldn't mind somewhere down the line but the script was the quick road towards something that worked. For anybody reading this with more knowledge about xbmc (and that should be quite a few), don't hesitate to give a few pointers to which parts of the source code I need to read up on in order to incorporate grooveshark into xbmc.

This is my first attempt at a script for xbmc, and python for that matter, so don't expect miracles - it might crash once or twice ;-) And the code probably isn't that pretty.
Anyway, I'll release the script as soon as it's finished - but I won't give an release date ;-)
Hi solver,
this is great news! looking forward to testing the grooveshark plugin on my xbox!
I think of trying to write two plugins, we all should work on one
EDIT: Actually, nevermind, i put it in the wrong folder
Looking forward to this lads..

keep the topic alive. it could be a very resourceful plugin for your library :-)
I just finished classes for the year and I don't start work for another two weeks so I'll try putting some time into this again. Solver, I'd be interested to see your in-progress code, but if you want to wait that's fine.

EDIT: Also, maybe we should make a new thread, or have this one moved to Plugin Development.
Count me in. I would love to help out here too.
If there is a plan to add Grooveshark as native code to XBMC, we could probably do something similar to what akezeke has done here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=67012 with Spotify.

But at this point I think we need to wait for access to the official API before we do anything like that. Still, I think people will appreciate even a hackjob plugin/script for now.
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