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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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I just set up xbmc and iplayer plugin.

After a lot of configuration issues, I finally got live BBC News24 .... however, every now and then there's a very short advert overlayed on screen.

Is this how the plugin is supposed to work? Is there a way to disable these adverts?
OK - I'm struggling to make the IE version pick up the Akamai CDN.

I'll keep testing, but this is very low priority. Forcing to Limelight works around the problem, and the plugin is very, very good.


Thanks for the great tip, forcing to Limelight solved my issue of the stream stopping and returning to the sub-menu after about a minute Big Grin
its possible the browser streams dont use akamai. they switch around the cdn stuff now and again. anyway, if limelight works then use that.
With my setup the Akamai format fails each and every time. Using the unblock-us dns system in Europe.

Yet, a colleague using the same system in the US can use Akamai format.

I also can't get Akamai using a uk vpn.

Only Limelight works.

Can someone clarify why one works, but the other doesn't?
because limelight allows connections from your ip, and akamai doesnt. the proxy settings are not used for the streams.
So, this implies that akamai serves to US addresses but not to European ones?
well, i assume they intend to only serve iplayer to uk ips. but who knows perhaps some us ips work as you have seen, or your friend is lucky Smile

Strange that akamai also doesn't work with a true UK vpn ...

Otherwise - the plugin is fantastic!
i dont see any reason it wouldnt work via a uk vpn, unless the vpn ip was also blocked.

Does the standard browser iplayer also use akamai?

I ask becuase I have no problems using that via vpn.
it may well use limelight, but then it could just depend on the video res quality etc too - this is stuff they do switch around also. sticking wireshark on it would let you know.
Okay ... thanks.
Another issue:

Both live BBC Parliament and BBC Alba fail with a script error in video-iplayer plugin.
they play about with the stream sources a lot. stuff sometimes breaks. please open a google code bug report and ill fix it when i have the time. thanks. Quite often they switch a cdn, then i update the code, and they change it back. a bunch of the live code in the way it chooses a stream needs a rewrite really.