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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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Sure - no problem with NOT contacting the Beeb!

Thanks for all the feedback - much appreciated. Can't ask for more!

Firstly, I've just got into using XBMC on my PC and this is the most amazing plugin ever.

I have a query though, and apologies if I've missed anything in the settings, although I thought I had tried to find it - is it possible to select HD programmes by default, please?

I tried some BBC1 broadcasts such as Doctors (both on BBC1 and BBC HD), Public Enemies, Bolt (now gone) and Die Hard with a Vengeance, but all defaulted to SD. Thanks.

Edit: I knew I'd only crack it once I asked the question. I upped the option to 3200kbs (I think) and now it finds them automatically. I can't speak for Bolt, but I see that DHwaV is on Iplayer in SD only. The other two shows are fine in HD.

Once again, this plugin is bloody awesome! I've been using XMBC on my Xbox for years so this is the first time I've been using it properly on the PC.
Just some observations from testing on eden:

bbc one live works on akamai (it chooses http flv stream, and wants to buffer for some time, but you can unpause it earlier and it seems fine).

bbc one live doesnt work right on limelight as has been mentioned with the sync. This is an xbmc/ffmpeg issue - the limelight streams work fine on xbmc4xbox.
Sorry correction. limelight has a problem on xbmc4xbox also - when it chooses the 1500kbit stream, i just checked on the pc and the 800kbit live stream works on limelight.

Thanks for doing some testing.

Are you saying ONE works at 800 and is in sync using Limelight?

In general because of my connection I have to drop to 480.

edit: just tried at 800 - still out of sync.

If I try Akamai, it just says working for ages and then reports items failed to play.

(Have you any idea where the bug TRAC is - I can't find it!)
it seems to work at the moment yes.

btw why not just use tvcatchup for live stuff if having problems? got all the uk channels in one place then.
Hmmm ... strange - not for me!

When I looked at the logs a couple of days ago I couldn't see any difference in the working NEWS vs the desynced ONE stream values - except for the urls.
Ahem ... tvcatchup doesn't accept my ISP - it did, but stopped earlier this week!

I just submitted a TRAC bug (Ticket #12433) on the desync issue.

Thanks for the advice.
post a "debug" log from when it didn't work on 800kbps, and ill compare to mine. perhaps it's linked to a specific rogue lightlight server :-)

if your isp is in the UK, then contact tvcatchup and let then know. if not, then im sure the interwebs will give you some tips.
I tried 800 ... just a 'not available on internet' message from ONE - typical!
a complete debug log please Rolleyes and would help if one line of log = 1 line of pastebin.
Ooops - sorry!

Give me a moment or two - need to fire up the other PC
Okay - here's the full log (unedited).

It's 800 Limelight - BBC ONE, then NEWS (which is synced)