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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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How can I singin iplayer as I do at there website iplayer?
Plugin giving structure error on latest Eden xbmc.
Hi everyone,
First of all let me congratulate the developers for this brilliant plugin.

I am having a slight problem that I have been unsuccessfully trying to solve for a while now.
I am using XBMC from the git repository on Linux and I have several rules on the playercorefactory.xml to allow me to use mplayer as my default player.

The weird problem I am having is that, while the rules I set up work just fine for all the catch up stuff, I can't manage to set it up so the live streams work the same way.
Even thought MPlayer is correctly selected as the default player for the link, when I try to play it always uses the internal player (DVDPlayer) instead.

The problem also occurs if I use the official Eden release instead of building from source.

You wont be able to use an external mplayer with the iplayer plugin, unless you modified the plugin to call a local rtmpdump and then pipe to mplayer or something.
(2012-03-27, 19:42)ykhehra1 Wrote: [ -> ]Plugin giving structure error on latest Eden xbmc.

(2012-03-23, 02:03)ykhehra1 Wrote: [ -> ]How can I singin iplayer as I do at there website iplayer?

I don't know what this means.
(2012-03-15, 16:59)TheMonkeyKing Wrote: [ -> ]System Info:
Win7 Ultimate, AMD system with onboard video (HD3300 - 12.2 drivers), 2GB RAM, DVI - monitor out.

I noticed this in the xbmc.log file. Is there something I can patch to update python?

it's just a warning. it means the plugin is using some stuff that needs to be changed for newer python. but it still works so just ignore it.
Thanks for your reply,

I have compiled mplayer with rtmp support, so you can just send it the stream details and it will work.
By looking at the log files, I can see the live rtmp stream information going to DVDPlayer, so I just copy pasted that and used it just fine with mplayer.

The only problem here is not whether mplayer supports it (because it does) but how to keep the iplayer plugin (or xbmc in case it is not a plugin problem) from ignoring the player configuration that is set up.
Again, I should note that the problem only occurs with the live feeds as the on demand ones work just fine.
Nevermind, found the problem.
In the file live_tv.py, in function play_stream, the player is hard coded to xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_DVDPLAYER.
As soon as I changed it to xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_AUTO it worked.

Now I have a fully working system!

Hurray for open source Smile
Thanks again to the developers of this really useful plugin!
ok cool. ill make the change - note this was a historical thing btw, as only dvdplayer in the past could play the rtmp streams, and forcing the player I believe worked around an issue or two with some configs.
Ok, thanks for that, lets hope it doesn't cause any regressions then.
I have 2 annoying problems on my apple tv 2 running the final release of xbmc Eden and BBC iplayer plugin-:
Firstly when I select a live channel nothing happens, it's only in the last few days this has stopped working.
Secondly only selected catch-up streams are working for example some programmes are and some are not and it seems random.

I'm not sure if this is connected to the errors but since I have been getting them I get the script failed "service.py" error message in the bottom right corner whenever I turn On XBMC.

Please can someone shed any light on this, and has BBC changed anything over the last days, and does anyone have a solution.....
For few days now, nothing is playing in this plugin.I am using Unblock-us, and i have changed from Limelight (which has worked on the past 90% of the time), to Akamai and i also switched between the two ports (80 and 1935) but the same problem remains. See the log below:
It must be your setup - unless it's unblockus.

I have no issues using a similar setup.
(2012-04-05, 23:31)castalla Wrote: [ -> ]It must be your setup - unless it's unblockus.

I have no issues using a similar setup.

Well i dont get what the problem is. I removed iplayer completely from xbmc, and did a fresh install of it, but the problem is still present. I tried iplayer from Chrome and it works without any problem, so probably it is not unblock-us that is causing the problem.
Exobuzz might figure it out.

May be useful if you detail which version of xbmc & iplayer you are using?
I'm having the same problem as deniadaz.

For the last week or so, no working live channels. And the only way I can play their stored programmes is by choosing Limelight as stream source.

iPlayer 2.4.13 with the latest Eden on Apple TV2 (through Unblock Us dns)

It's the same thing when I'm on the PC.

Live channels do work in the browsers though.

I'm really looking forward for a solution, because this is one of my fav addons.
Anyone sOlution this as yet I have the same setup as Optimator.
Seems likEe the stored on demand files playback fine with the occasional glitch but the live streams do not function.

Is it just me thinking this but wasnt the beta versions of Eden more compatible-there seems quite a few plug-ins which have needed updates since releasing a supposed final version lol!