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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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I suspect it's due to being outside the UK because it's still working just fine here.
Same here....Live streams do not function. Log says '... handshake: type mismatch..'. Stored programs do work (not always).

Windows7 32-bit, Eden, Iplayer version 2.4.13

Live streams do work with "BBC iPlayer Desktop" on the PC. I don't think it's a geo blocking issue.
Are you using something like unblockus ?
How fo u use unblock us on the atv
You have to change dns settings of your router.
Ahhhhhh...... It's obviously a paid subscription Huh
Now stored content does not work either. I didn't try the radio streams though. This plugin is now kinda useless for me.
BBC2 live stream is buffering and freezing - all other live streams seem okay.

Anyone else?
(2012-04-11, 10:51)castalla Wrote: [ -> ]BBC2 live stream is buffering and freezing - all other live streams seem okay.

Anyone else?

working fine for me, though im in uk

[you could have warned me baby jake was on, it freaks me out]
I have tried the stored content and it playback 90% of the time, all live feeds are not working, I am using unblock-us on ATV2, I also have it on my iPod Touch, with the exact same issues, so thinking it is a Geo-location thing, however the stored files still work fine?

Surely this would affect both ?

On another note, ITV player 1.0.6 has now started to develop script errors, it seems either all companies are changing things, or Eden has broken most? Particularly for those people relying upon Unblock US?

It's difficult to determine what causes these problems - there are so many variables. I think there are different mechanisms for on demand vs. live streams.

If it's affecting all your methods of playing - browser iplayer, etc. - I would suspect unblockus.
All good in the UK and where's your debug logs guys?
In my case, it's working okay again. But, now BBC1 is just showing a black screen - no error messages.

Same in browser iplayer.
Regarding the logs, how do we save and post these from an ATV2?

Sorry am quite new to this!!