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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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Heres what I hope is a proper debug log


the plugin definitely works for other people on both xbox and windows/linux etc. All a bit odd as you can see it scraping and reading the XML files, just doesnt find any streams.

I am also asking in the iplayer plugin thread but thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had any definitive setup for using xbox with xbmc and iplayer.

I've also had a few probs with iPlayer. Try going into the settings of iPlayer and changing the 'Video Stream to Use' setting away from 'Auto'. Worked for me.
Ive tried Flash VP6 and Flash Wii no change =(

Dropping back down to T3CH atlantis build now see if that works....
Did you try changing the video stream from Auto to something else ?
Yes see above..tried both the alternative values. Interestingly I cant get the standard apple trailer script to work either..brings up a list of films and I can view the info but wont play them.

Just tried the Atlantis final version from t3ch with the first iplayer2 release and its lists the streams in the categories but wont play them with..

"iri2uri module not available"

All very odd..it was working fine till I upgraded and now I cant get it to work at all even with a fresh install of xbmc from an evox boot disc =(
The values you refer to are not those in the settings of the 'Context' menu (white button on the controller with iPlayer plugin highlighted).

I didn't need to edit any files - I just did this:- From the first screen,

Videos, video plugins, (highlight iPlayer), Context (white button), plugin settings, and then set 'Video Stream to use' to either 'H264 (3200kb)', 'H264 (1500kb)', 'H264 (800kb)' or 'H264 (480kb)'. I don't see any of the options you mention 'Flash' or 'Wii'. I'm using the 26th Nov 2009 build of the iPlayer plugin.
Solved - it was a Im being stupid user error problem.

I had mislabelled a folder for the iplayer plugin so I was constantly using an old version! There is no version info displayed so I wasnt to know. Eventually discovered the mistake when I used the repo installed to update the plugin.

What an arse!

Thanks for the help, sometimes you cant see the wood for the trees.
motd2k Wrote:Dink,

Moderately off topic, but do you think you could take a look over http://player.stv.tv - it offers all the ITV player content (but with Scottish bias) and doesn't appear to use RTMPE. If you need any code support pushing into XBMC, let me know.

I will definitely look into it. Thanks for the heads up

Just wondering if anyone ever got this working with a proxy? Would be simply awesome for all us expats Smile
this dont seem to be working for me anymore ??
Restless Wrote:this dont seem to be working for me anymore ??

Can you give more details and perhaps a log file?
Are there any plans to add proxy support to this? I'm currently debating whether to spend money on a reliable UK proxy and this would greatly sway my decision!

Thanks Smile
kiboy6 Wrote:Are there any plans to add proxy support to this? I'm currently debating whether to spend money on a reliable UK proxy and this would greatly sway my decision!

Thanks Smile

There are no plans for proxy support.
Ok, thanks for letting me know....

Is there any reason why a similar proxy solution to the one lkraav added here(http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=418...tcount=110) to the CBS plugin (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=43512) could not be added to the BBC Iplayer plugin?

Is there any reason you know of why a similar solution would not work if I (or anyone else more savvy than me!) tried to implement it?

Thanks for any advice Smile
Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere.

While watching several Iplayer programmes, after putting xbmc iplayer on pause, trying to resume it gives a complete hang, requiring system restart. Don't know of a way to crash the program to return to the Finder. Is there a fix?

Also the auto stream detect doesn't work for me. Manually selecting 1500kbs H264 is fine however.


System: Apple TV, OS 3.0.1, latest XBMC beta and Iplayer plugin (as far as I can tell)

Nigel Strudwick