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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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I've never found that live streams work when you are geo-locked, even with the DNS/proxy workarounds...

I've found a problem already - programmes will only list if they start with an A-Z, not a number..... GRRR. I'll work on it tomorrow.
Does anyone find it ironic that the name of the person working on the BBC addon is an anagram of Dalek??

Live streams and catchup have been working well for me with smart dns until recently.
Thank you.
Installed 2.60 - but just marked as 'broken'.
Just wondering where 2.5.91 came from (downloaded 2 Nov). It appears to have older graphics/artwork, but there doesn't appear to be an entry for it on svn so I'm assuming this is not an "official" release. The addon.xml contains the tag "<broken>deprecated</broken>" so I'm guessing someone has pushed out a variation of 2.5.9 but bizarrely using old artwork (and old who knows what else) as some sort of emergency fix to prevent new installations.

2.6.0 (from here, comment #15) appears to be based on this "unofficial" 2.5.91 release so is also using the old artwork etc., however the addon.xml still contains the "broken" tag.

I can confirm that with 2.6.0, the "catch up" channels are working but Live TV is not ("Can't locate any usable TV streams.") and I'm in the UK (London). However it would be good if 2.6.0 could be rebased on top of the last official 2.5.9 release (r177).
When 2.5.9 became broken I bumped to 2.5.91 and marked it as such.

No idea what 2.6.0 came from, you can check my history if you like -

Mate, don't take this the wrong way but…I LOVE you!

Thanks for your work. I'm not getting the Live TV working using 2.60 yet, but don't care about that. What I DO care about, and what had me very "attached" to this plugin, is catchup tv, on XBMC (cos auntie's own android app is sh**) with subtitles and, thanks to you, I now have it back!

Looking forward to some of the other stuff working again, but am deliriously happy as it is, so a great big THANK YOU!

(2014-11-05, 22:18)dlake02 Wrote: [ -> ]I've worked around some of the problems with a quick-and-dirty patch to the existing app (that is Exobuzz's plugin - NOT the .xunity thingy)


What's working:
- Live TV
- iPlayer TV from the channel name.

What's NOT working (yet):
- Categories
- Search
- Highlights
- Popular
- Radio (any)
I'm confused.

Are you guys saying this is now fixed, but by a mystery person... lol
Yeah it was fixed by Dlake02,

It says broken but i can watch videos(except live streaming) Big Grin
dlake02 submitted a modified version that used another api for retrieving of a-z programme information. I took this as a starting point and reworked the rest of the feed code to use the same api, so now search / categories / highlights and popular is working again. Only the live feeds need sorting which I may have a look at if I have more time.

So without further delay:

iPlayer 2.5.10

note you may have to increase the socket timeout under the advanced tab of the addons settings as the new api can be slow at times when retrieving lots of info. I wanted to get a release out asap, so I will look into changing the default and some other fixes for the next release

I know I said originally I wasn't going to work on it further, but it turned out switching over to this alternative API was relatively painless, and dlake had already done the initial work, so it made sense to do a bit more.


* Switch from RSS feeds to ion api. Thanks to dlake02 for the initial work/hints.
* Disable Live for now.

looks as though I might need to bump the version a bit more as I missed that hitcher had bumped it already. I'll sort that but in the meantime you can always install manually.
You've made a lot of people happy, myself included now I've got the radio back.
Excellent, add me to an upcoming LONG list of very happy people Smile

Just in the way of feedback:

1. I get "script failed" errors on Categories, but everything else (except Live) works fine. I get the same error when selecting Categories on Radio also.
2. The Search feature works, but the results aren't quite right. For example, I had a search for "eastenders", it's bringing up things with "East End" in their title, but NOT the actual eastenders episodes. I had another search for "masterchef", again, it gave a result with "Master Chef" in it, yet failed to come up with the two Masterchef Professional episodes currently available.I get the "feeling" this may be related to how the plugin interprets the search term, and then how it feeds it into the new ion thingy…

Neither of these things bother me in the slightest, though…it's just comments because I assume feedback can be helpful.

Again, thanks a bunch, you've made my day/week/year!
categories works here - please post a log on xbmclogs.com. I suspect it's a compatibility issue with the feature (xpath) I am using in elementtree and your python. In fact I'm sure it is that, I guess I can work around it - I'll try another method. (Shouldn't we all be on at least python 2.7 by now ?)

I accidentally committed the wrong code for the search. I'll fix that with an update shortly.
Updated iPlayer to 2.6.0


* bump version number so people with the "broken" 2.5.91 get updated
* changed category parsing to hopefully work with python older than 2.7
* fixed up search parameters - was using the wrong API function

Updated iPlayer to 2.6.1


* shows beginning with a number were not displayed

sorry about the number of updates - I kept finding things to fix (I had missed the comment from dlake earlier regarding displaying shows that start with a number)