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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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well a different stream is working perfectly* (touch wood), so maybe it was related to that stream or that server..

here's a fuller log from that HIGNFY drop

thanks again, great work.

edit: i am not pausing at all. just starting and seeing how long they work for. i do sometimes show/hide the codec info or exit to the menus which is what you can see in the log.
haven't dared pause or seek yet until i know the basic stuff works!

*by perfectly i mean its done four HandleCtrl, received / sending ctrl cycles so far without any error
this is on:
00:48:15 M: 21307392 DEBUG: CGUIInfoManager::SetCurrentMovie(rtmp://cp41752.edgefcs.net:1935/ondemand?auth=daEdqasayc5cDdfbnbVarc5aacGbNdPbWcQ-bmaVK9-bWG-HntDEpDpOEsFqxJ&aifp=v001&slist=secure/800kbps/An_African_Journey_with_Jonathan_Dimbleby_Episode_1_b00snc08 playpath=mp4Confusedecure/800kbps/An_African_Journey_with_Jonathan_Dimbleby_Episode_1_b00snc08 swfurl=http://www.bbc.co.uk/emp/10player.swf swfvfy=true timeout=600)
well it looks like some socket timeout or some error. unsure. if it is an issue its sure to happen to me, but bear in mind all this stuff is still work in progress. I am an avid iplayer use so I will key an eye out. btw did you check cpu timing on the last build. for some shows, 1500kbit "almost" works. i mean it doesnt quite, but damn. its close when not much is happening it can almost keep up. also, to me streams look better quality even at 800kbit. did you notice any improvement. could be the encoding options at bbc end, or some improvements to ffmpeg libs. or my imagination ;-)
just to note. last night i watched 1 hour of wallander on my build via akamai. i paused for 2 mins to grab some snacks. it resumed ok with some buffer overlfow/corruption but continued to play fine. please do use the seeking. should work ok. i have notived the limelight streams are more sensitive though for pausing etc. did you go into the settings and make sure everthing looks ok ?
i dunno i thought the 800k streams look a bit softer than they did, but i'm going from memory before the bbc started all this verification b*ll*cks. so i could be wrong. anyway apart from the bottom blurry bit they're good Smile

damn, if you could get 1500k working on the xbox that'd be so sweet Smile

only error i see with the 2nd stream is
00:48:17 M: 28012544 DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuity - was:12489.390006, should be:21000.000000, error:8510.609994

Dimbelby is still going after nearly half an hour, w00t!
you might be right about softer. it might be improved deblocking. but i guess that is better than dirty blocks., well for me it looks better. having said that. as a glasses wearer in need of a new subscription, i might not be the best judge ;-)

Quote:Dimbelby is still going after nearly half an hour, w00t!

Is that a good thing ? ;-)
don't worry i'm not actually watching. just testing Wink still going.

if you get rid of all that deblocking stuff does it increase chances of getting 1500k to decode.. sure you thought of that though.

the next big q (for me) is going to be: why are some streams stable, and some not :/ this is not so much for me but for family members have some stuff drop is a problem.
exobuzz Wrote:New release up @ http://aero.exotica.org.uk/~jools/xbmc/

xbmc-r29407-librtmp.zip or xbmc-r30369-librtmp.zip to use with the Good Old XBox?
latest one (highest r number). look in the readme.txt
exobuzz Wrote:latest one (highest r number). look in the readme.txt

THX, it was confusing as the Date&Time was newer on the older Build ;-)
was testing other areas to see if i can roll this iplayer compatible build out.

edit: thought i had a problem with ISO playback but not sure - after a delay and some errors they do (mostly) play. chapter skip seems iffy but this comes and goes.

only definite problem i have with your current build
1) my remote button to show/hide menu bar is not working. have you changed any keymap stuff? could be arnova's changes i guess?
2) progress bars in the xTV skin don't work!

edit: sorry yes i'll stick to specific RTMP issues here from now on.
Please could you take this to the forum thread on the xbox site. Getting off topic for iplayer now. I've not changed anything with the dvdplayer stuff apart from using ffmpeg for mpeg2 decoding in some cases. the navigation etc has been problematic before my build, and i think arnova recently rolled back the dvdplayer libraries to old versions due to problems. I've not noticed anything about the on screen menu not working. For further debugging please paste me a debug log on the other site and I will take a look (please turn on debugging mode first also)

[edit] some of my changes have affected dvds. I have an iso here where the intro screens dont show up. probably my changes to use ffmpeg instead of libmpeg2 in some cases. Let's continue this on the other forum. I will look into this anyway.
Has anybody seen or heard of "get_iplayer". Didn't know if it might be helpful for future development. It talks about both recording via PVR and or streaming, including schedules recording. I don't know just though it may be of interest to some people...

get_iplayer has been mentioned 63 times in this thread already

figures, sorry I should have searched whether it had been mentioned already. Too eager to try and help I guess. I always search for things I'm looking for and not really what I try to help with.
Thanks for the heads up dc2447.

Apologies again.
Been reading and learning for a couple of weeks and registered to give a big thanks to exobuzz and the rest of you guys for your work and comments/testing on this project.

Got my two old Xboxes networked up and running with your XBMC build and iPlayer plugin (just in time for the World Cup - me, and Wimbledon - her) Laugh

We've got iPlayer on our Freesat Humax receiver as well and just thought I'd mention that the "blurry" bar at the bottom appears on that as well (I watched Timewatch Atlantis on it last night) and sometimes at the top - using what it calls the "high quality" stream. Also must say that the XBMC iPlayer has a lot more choice than the Freesat version!

Thanks again - fingers crossed the BBC don't do anything drastic in the next couple of weeks!