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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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.xbmc is a hidden folder. ls -la will show it. did you try to "cd" to it ? All folders starting with a . on linux are "hidden" folders
Will try ls -la
Kids have hi-jacked the tv again.
Ok did it with ls -la command.
Here is the log:

Hope it makes sense to you.
You need a much newer xbmc version. from the last few weeks for example.
Just a thought why did the Repo installer say it was compatible then.
Because I haven't updated the description.xml. I was waiting for a final dharma release to force version numbers in the python (right now it may or may not work depending on whether you are running a very new release or an older build with some customisations from me). New linux/windows/osx releases use a new addons system also, so you wont use the svn repo installer anymore.

I will put some code in v2.2 out shortly that brings up a warning message if a version is too old. anyone running an older version but with librtmp patches will have to upgrade or put up with the requester.

when you first launched the last version it should have popped up two message windows on first start anyway. one about iplayer being uk only, and a second about new libRTMP requirements and to check the website, so it wasn't as though I didn't already try and explain.
exobuzz don't waste time with stuff like that, you'll go crazy
heh! too late . oops. If the plugin now thinks your version of xbmc is too old, it will display a requester at the point of plugin upgrade, but also display an extra item in the top level of the plugin to warn users. I think that is now more than enough "safety labels".

New version for download. I guess hitcher will update his addons repo soon (Sorry for pushing out another release so soon).

It should also address the issue with the "show dialog on play" setting. If any windows users could try switching that option back on with v2.2 of the plugin and let me know if it works, it would be most appreciated. thanks.
exobuzz Wrote:New version for download. I guess hitcher will update his addons repo soon (Sorry for pushing out another release so soon).
I'll get on to it later, thanks.

By the way, you don't mind me hosting on there do you i just thought I'd help share this brilliant add-on?
Not sure If I understand? Hosting on where? You can host it where you like Smile
Hi, is somebody able to give me assitance on getting this to work with the latest Dharma svn builds.

I put the directory in my plugin/videos folder but then, as the instructions suggest, I am supposed to browse to this folder however this is where I run into problems. The plugin/videos folder is a hidden folder and it doesn't appear when you browse in XBMC.

I have afunny feeling I am going about installing this in completely the wrong way for Dharma. I have a feeling that you cannot add new plugins to Dharma that are not already in the builders repositoryHuh

Help neede dplease Smile
the folder should go in your "addons" folder, and it needs to be renamed to "plugin.video.iplayer". or just use hitchers repository which includes a version you can install/update automatically.
exobuzz - can you change the version number each time you update it that way it'll update automatically for anyone using the repo.

I've made the latest one 2.1.1 for it to work.

it doesnt work using just major.minor ? that sounds like a xbmc bug to me. you are specifically talking about addons here ?
aah. ok. actually i just forgot to bump the addon version it was still on 2.1. should be 2.2 now.