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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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without the workaround i would think. the plugin is designed to work with the dharma versions of xbmc that include new librtmp functionality.
exobuzz Wrote:please note anyone using an xbmc revision newer than r32234 may have problems seeking in rtmp streams. See http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/9870

I think this is the problem that I have.

Re. that ticket link, can anyone tell me what to do with the 'rtmpseek.diff' file

Sorry for my ignorance.
Download an svn build with revision 32756 or greater. if you are using a dharma branch, you need to check if that has been merged into dharma and at what point. I can't advise further as I don't know what platform you are running on, and I only run xbmc on linux (and xbmc4xbox on xbox)
hallergard Wrote:Pls clarify if this is with our without the get_iplayer workaround?

I am not sure about get_iplayer.

However these are the steps I followed to have iPlayer working on Ubuntu 10.04:
-Add xbmc svn ppa from https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc-svn/+archive/ppa
-Install xbmc and rtmpdump
-In xbmc Add Hitcher's Add-On Repository (see post 950) and install the iPlayer plugin

sorry is there a changelog for this plugin anywhere?
i just don't know whether to update or not
Thanks Kaaino. Followed your instructions and got Hitcher's addon working.
Great! Compared to the get_player wordaround this loads in 5 sek versus 20 sek, and Live TV works. Thanks everyone involved for this I know that many have contributed.

But I do now have problems though with e.g.: "Remote share: Could not connect to network server" when trying to start the YouTube or Apple Movie Trailers Lite plugins. Can hardly blame the iPlayer addon, but rather svn 32869. I have had this problem before when trying anything newer than Camelot. Advice!?
Please note it's not my addon I simply host it to make it easier for everyone to get the latest version.
I am getting regulary funk behaviour.

It all seems to be running fine then the stream will abruptly end and return to the menus.

I can only assume some sort of stream error but sadly no error is giving, it just returns to the menus as if its finished.

Is there a way I can diagnose whats causing this?
tried with debug log on?

Can try a different stream source also in the plugin settings. I find akamai works best for me
I assumed the settings meni did not work, turns out it does not work in elipsis. So now I see lots of settings! Will have a play.
any chance this will be supported in british virgin islands?
You may need to use a proxy or vpn (Are you able to use the iplayer website?). There are hacks to add proxy support to the plugin, i have not integrated it yet as a official feature. If you have a vpn to the UK, it should just work.
Am wondering if I'm doing something simple wrong. Downloaded the latest svn Linux build from ppa and installed the plug-in but get error: script failed
please post a debug log. you can alternatively open an issue on the google code site (including the log).