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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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I will do a new release shortly. Thinking to stick the code on github and request it be pulled into xbmc official repos.
released version 2.4.5 including:

* addition of non tunnel http proxy plus socks 4/5 proxy options
* http proxy authentication (also sent upstream)
* update radio stream support
* fixed up lots internal stream logic that wasn't quite working
* added bbc news 24 live @ 1500kbit

disabled some logic from the settings for now (ie. if you disable proxy the unused options dont ghost out - this is for temporary compatibility with our poor xbox xbmc4xbox cousin, of which I am working on some updates to the main code to fix this).

A lot of time went into this update (and previous ones), and although a labour of love (mostly), and that I like to use the plugin myself, I will try my best to keep the plugin working for as long as it is possible. However - if you like/use/appreciate what I'm doing , I would of course love a cheap dvd or something from my amazon wishlist http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/253IVVZP6VTUC - to keep me going during these long coding hours ;-)

<advert> ;-)
ps. if you are interested in any other projects I work on, you can try out xbmc4xbox - still in development and a new stable release very very soon, linux for the joggler now including xbmc ! http://joggler.exotica.org.uk and also my old but still running amiga/computer music/retro gaming website at http://www.exotica.org.uk - cheers!
exobuzz Wrote:Thinking to stick the code on github and request it be pulled into xbmc official repos.

Word of warning - they might want two separate ones (TV and Radio) so one is a Video Add-on and the other is a Music Add-on.
well, that isnt going to happen I guess (anytime soon). ill ask em. cheers for the info.
Actually seeing you've added the option to start in either TV or Radio couldn't two versions be made that are practically the same apart from where they start and the content they provide?

I might have a play around myself later because I'm dying to use the radio section with Music views.
I wouldn't like to have the code duplication - if it was done as two correctly at least - you would need it so that you have another addon perhaps that provides the main library code for both. Either way I guess don't feel like spending large amounts of time reworking the code, for no obvious gain in functionality. it might even work out better to do a rewrite if it was to be split up into radio/tv
I fully understand.

EDIT: Just found a little workaround -

Changed the content it provides in the addon.xml to -

PHP Code:

Then set TV as one favourite and Radio as another

And finally added those favourites as Home items labelled 'iPlayer TV' and 'iPlayer Radio'. Big Grin

EDIT: Actually this doesn't work -

PHP Code:
so it doesnt work ? what about having two provides tags ?
Nope, XBMC just reads the first one.
Can we install two versions with different addon id's and provides to get one for radio and one for TV?
retro11 Wrote:Can we install two versions with different addon id's and provides to get one for radio and one for TV?

Yes, that looks like the way to go for now.
OK, finally got round to posting the the xbmc.log


Having the same problems with v2.4.5 (as I was with v2.4.2) both installing it via the hitchers repo and extracting zip file.

It seems to install fine (via both methods) then when I attempt to play a programme cursor "freezes" and xbmc becomes unresponsive? When trying to view live TV / radio, it doesn't do anything when attempting to play, however, it doesnt crash either?

Really at a loss here?

Any help would be much appreciated.

OS; Windows 7 64bit.
shadow_boxer Wrote:OK, finally got round to posting the the xbmc.log

please enable debugging in xbmc
exobuzz Wrote:please enable debugging in xbmc

Ah, oops, forgot this time.

There is nothing more? I can't tell anything from that since it seems as though the plugin is about to send (or has sent but it didnt get logged), the url to play to xbmc. if xbmc has frozen then we are missing logs. can you try with a live stream? looks like an xbmc problem on your system though rather than something plugin related.