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Full Version: [RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
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Is there anywhere I can view a changelog for the newer iplayerv2 plugin changes. Can't seem to find them on google code page. I am wondering if the pause resume has been fixed? Great work guys. Thanks
THISWEB Wrote:Is there anywhere I can view a changelog for the newer iplayerv2 plugin changes. Can't seem to find them on google code page. I am wondering if the pause resume has been fixed? Great work guys. Thanks


Ill try and do a changelog text in the addon for the next release.

the pause/resume crash is an xbmc issue rather than a plugin issue. the plugin just passes xbmc a url to play.
rutilus Wrote:Any idea what might cause this problem? I've tried looking in the settings section and settings.xml for a way to change the feed URL, but beyond this I have no idea where to start looking. I'm new around here and I'd be very grateful indeed for any help!

you are better of posting this over at the xbmc4xbox forum. there is an iplayer thread there. also, without a debug log, I can't help. If I earnt a pound everytime I had to ask for a log!
exobuzz - Thanks so much for your excellent work.

I'm an expat and I really wanted to get iPlayer working seamlessly in XBMC (with the help of tor), but wasn't able to do so. I was resorting to dropping out of XBMC and using Firefox (not too much of a chore I know), but at peak times the streams would just stutter along and, because of BBC's auto-stream selection, end up at the lowest quality.

With your proxy additions and the ability to choose the stream provider and quality, iPlayer is working more reliably in XBMC than it ever has done in a browser.

I hope in the future XBMC is able to view online videos much more like Youtube, where you can see the video cache on the OSD timeline and you can pause the video so that enough buffer is built up to watch without rebuffering.
Thanks, exobuzz - help much appreciated. Will make sure I post debug logs next time!

nssk Wrote:Small request: could you possibly change the name of the plugin from "IPlayer" to "BBC iPlayer" or "iPlayer". The capitalisation of the i really irks me.
(apart from that though, this plugin is incredible, thanks very much)

Just add the plugin to your favourites, then edit the name from there, that's what I did.

BTW I just discovered the Icefilms plugin and this combined with the BBC iPlayer plugin and I'm in TV heaven! Very very close now to ditching that crusty old DVR box that I pay way too much for every month.
I'm hoping that someone can offer some help as I'm finding the iPlayer add-on very unstable lately. I've tried changing the stream quality and type but for the past few days it either stops playback and drop back to the menu or it buffers every few minutes.

Here is a copy of my XBMC.log which will hopefully help.

I also find that if I skip, fast forward or sometimes pause this usually results in playback stopping. I can confirm that my bandwidth is fine so I really don't know what could be causing the problem.

Any ideas as I u love to get this working as I totally love this add-on?
Pausing is an XBMC problem and I'd try to avoid skipping too much as well.

Try lowering the stream quality because it will now get the best available even if you haven't specifically selected the HD channels.
I'll avoid skipping and pausing which has never really worked but I was hoping that the updates may have fixed that.

With regards to quality I've tried 3200 which is very unstable, 1500 which buffers a lot and the one down from that (sorry I can't remember the bitrate) which buffered a few times. The thing is my bandwidth is more than enough for HD plus I cam stream trailers in HD and if I try HD in Safari via the iPlayer website that works fine so I'm pretty sure its a XBMC/Addon issue.
the addon only passes a url to xbmc to play. any stream issues if not network related will be xbmc, including pause/resume freezes etc. They need to be reported on trac.xbmc.org (http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/11122 for example)

the stuttering does suggest a networking issue - if not your end, then somewhere between you and the cdn. is your htpc connected via wireless? wireless dropouts could cause this - and bear in mind xbmc doesnt buffer in the same way as the flash player.
I'm using a wired connection to my router so I don't think its a network issue but I could be wrong. What I find strange is that I'm used to seeing a buffering dialogue if an add-on is have trouble keeping up such as Apple Movie Trailers Lite or YouTube, but what I've never experienced until recently is the stream simply dropping off and kicking me back to the menu.

Did my debug log suggest anything out of the ordinary?
Sometimes disconnections happen from the cdn. you could try forcing it to akamai or level 3 (hd only afair) and see if that helps. The debug log needs debugging switched on - but it will just show that no data came in and then a disconnection I should think.
I had debug turned on in the add-on but do I also need to have it enabled in XBMC? Also sorry if this is a dumb questions, but what's a cdn?
yes please. then it shows debug output from the rtmp library.
I'll try it when I'm next in front of my XBMC and I'll post you my log. I appreciate you looking into this for me as at the moment, its very difficult to watch anything.