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Full Version: Change Background Images
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In PMIII HD I am attempting to change the background image for photos, in the skin options menu

I set up a folder on the local drive, when I navigate to it, find it, but, no files show up, clearly I am using the wrong file type for my image (?)

I tried a jpg and a png, resived to 1280 x 800

What am I missing, I cant seem to find any faqs or instructions for skins

Thank you

How old is your version of XBMC? It was recently (as in a few days ago) changed to support both a folder of images and a single image, using separate buttons.

Previously perhaps it only dealt with a folder of images?
That was it, just was not getting that I did not need to select an image, only the folder.

I am setting up the latest T3CH release, after months of not updating.....

Makes me feel like I am stumbling around in the dark, thank you for taking to time to help

After downloading ( from http://xbmc.org/download/ )and installing the windows xbmc today.
I still couldn't choose a background.
Like the first post of Lakestang.
Am i doing something wrong?
And must the size be always 1280 x 800
Or is a size like that preferable?
New SVN's should look like this and if they don't you need to update
And images should be in a 16x9 ratio or they will just get stretched