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Full Version: [MOD] Qwerty Keyboard Mod for PM3.HD Skin
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Hi, I made a qwerty keyboard mod for the hd skin, after reading a post on here and remembering how much i didn't like the "usual" one.

I dont really know how to post code on forums, so uploaded the code to Wikipedia

the file is 720p/DialogKeyboard.xml

please make sure that no one else has edited the code, since it's wikipedia after all. Hope this helps. I was unable to test some functionality since i use a mouse, but it's all there and i hope i haven't made any mistakes.

please backup your original file
Thanx for his mod! Just tested it with a remote and it's working just fine.
There's only two small issues, the <onup> definitions for the letters L & M are incorrect.

<onup> for L should be 79
<onup> for M should be 74

Thanx again, i really like this qwerty keyboard. ;-)
thanks, i changed them, i remember correcting 'm' but obviously the change got lost in the multiple wordpad windows.
very nice! Thanks for taking the time to do this. It works great.
if you want to paste them to somwhere people can't change them try a site like pastebin.com ot pastbin.ca

P.S when I get a chance I will take a look at this and maybe add it to PM3.HD as an option like pm3 has