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Full Version: change in Home screen:programs to a script default.py
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I want to change in home screen
directory programs to a directory that
launch a script so it will start the default.py. of a script
Is this possible?
what about a modification of this: http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=328...tcount=153

except make the changes to Programs instead of Weather and change the script location to the script that you want.
Right its a pretty easy change but depending on how new your skin is I recently changed PM3.HD you need to find the <onclick> for the programs button and change it to this
Quote:RunScript(script[,args]*) Runs the python script. You must specify the full path to the script, or use Q:\Scripts\Scriptname.py. As of 2007/02/24, all extra parameters are passed to the script as arguments and can be accessed by python using sys.argv
so somthing like <onclick>RunScript(special://home/scripts/Blah/default.py)</onclick>
And how can I change the name of programs to the script name?

And does this count for every skin ?
for pm3.hd find this: <description>Programs push button</description>
and underneath that, change
<label>$LOCALIZE[0]</label>to <label>Name of Script</label>

*keep the /b modifiers so that the font is bold in the skin. I can't figure out how to get it to show in the post since it thinks I want to bold those letters.

and change: <onclick>ActivateWindow(Programs)</onclick> to <onclick>RunScript(special://home/scripts/Blah/default.py)</onclick>

you'd need to make these changes for whatever skin you use. The location of the file to change may be different depending on the skin you're using.
thanks for helping me
i got everything working for pm3.hd and pm3.

pm3 mod fanart and pm3 works like this
seach for the file home.xml in the skin pm3 you will find 2 files

change this in the file
<onclick>RunScript(special://home/scripts/name of script/default.py)</onclick>

search for this
<description>My Programs normal push button</description>
and go a little lower and you will need to change this
<label>0</label> to <label>Name of script</label>

Now I want this to work on mediastream skin
I tried a couple of thing with no success
I will ask it there if nobody knows here a solution

Edit :mediastream works like this

A menu for a script can be added by adding the following to the home.xml - find the <!-- Main Menu --> section and add it in after the DVD Button content.

<item id="11">
<description>name of script Button</description>
<label>name of script</label>
<onclick>RunScript(special://home/scripts/name of script/default.py)</onclick>