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Full Version: [OLD] HOW-TO watch Live TV in XBMC for Linux with Tvheadend, the easy way!
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RenZ0R Wrote:can anyone give me a full guide on how to get cccam or any cam working with this? I access a external server with my dreambox, I have all my channels scanned in and working on my pc and streaming to xbmc, but only FTA show up, ive scanned through the thread and see it works with ccam but the guide is very vauge on how to setup for a linux newb Smile

if you cant follow the cccam guide i posted a few months ago then your not going to be able to set it up as i'm linux newbie myself.
moontan77 Wrote:if you cant follow the cccam guide i posted a few months ago then your not going to be able to set it up as i'm linux newbie myself.

in your guide, your installing the whole ccam server for adding clients tho aint you? i just need to be able to add my c: line to a user plugin as such so it can connect outwards to a ccam server
you need to install cccam to connect to a cccam server. I'm the same as you, my cccam server is on my dreambox, but in order to connect to that i need to install cccam on my tvheadend pc and connect to the dreambox as a client.

thats the only way you can do it with tvheadend, maybe with vdr theres an easy method like you describe.
Hi all,

The is superb piece of software and works a treat out of the box for my freeview via nova-t-usb adapter. I have a couple of questions though.

- Is it possible to force the second audio channel when streaming as the default channel is mono (for the visually impaired I think).
- When trying to record some channels Film 4 this is unable to get audio lock. Works for other channels tested except this one (so far) playing live this works fine.
- Sometimes when playing tv on the same system that xbmc is on the sound comes in and out. (this can normally be resolved by pressing pause for a couple of seconds so not sure whats happenning there).
- Would love to be able to get some sort of api access to check the status of tvheadend. ie, recording channel ..., playing channel .... and getting access to the epg memory database to queue recording..

This software along with xbmc is fantastic. My girlfriend is able to watch live tv on our xbmc-xbox in the bedroom.

I am trying to get TVHeadend to work with my farourite cam, I have upgraded to the latest svn but am struggling to get multi ecm's working(capmt). Only the first CAID is being sent to the CAM.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Wow, this is indeed great news as my Dreambox 7000 is really on it's last leg and I'm thinking about upgrading to a HD box anyways.

Some quick questions for anyone having this up and running:

1) Will it work with my existing NewCS server?

2) What DVB-T USB dongle is good for HD channels and is compatible with Ubuntu Karmic and Tvheadend? (see minimal fuss installations)

I have an Quad bird dish and a Diseq 1.3 switch.
Fixed my problem with CAID 0x960 being the first.

A little mod to the capmt.c and my channels are now decrypting.

The capmt.c file still sends only the first CAID found and not all of them.

I will be looking into TVHeadend and will be looking to add the EPG function like EEPG does to VDR.
knew i saw your username somewhere else.........azbox section on satdudez/satpimps (sold mine months ago)

Ye i posted a ticket on the tvheadend site looking for something like eeepg


It would be great to be able to get a 7 day epg from the provider instead of having to download it through xmltv.

The only thing missing for me then would be capmt support for multiple tuners.
Hi guys:

My capmt won't work either:

I have enabled the "Capmt Connections" and the entry turns into green.

When I choosen a non-FTA channel, Tvheadend log keep outputs like this:
"Apr 06 20:23:26 Transport: Subscription " [ xbmc | XBMC Media Center ]": Skipping "Conexant CX24116/CX24118/SERVICE: 12,430,000 kHz Vertical (138E)/C8" -- not enabled"

XBMC shows "Tvheadend Status:OK" on screnn

and CCcam.x86 shows:

cam[0] set PMT for sid=2
start EMM
ignore equal capmt version for device 0

My FTA channel works fine, so is there anything I've missed?

Thanks a lot

Gujs Wrote:I know that there was some patch for forcing resolution at vdpau initialization. If somebody finds it, I can include it in build.

does anyone know if this has being fixed in newer builds (vdpau not being used for HD) or do we need to add a ticket on xbmc trac?
it has not been fixed yet and i do not have the knowledge to do so. I attached the hack to ticket: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/8615 , but i would not recommend to include it in any release. Btw. aslong as this bug http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/9061 has not been fixed using vdpau with tvheadend is probably not working anyway.
No, vdpau still doesn't work!
loeppel Wrote:AFAIK
1. yes
2. yes, but not the output of TV (in this case VDR is what you want)
3. yes, but needs a daemon which does the dirty work (newcamd protocol)

hope it helps

works also with cc*am ?
is it more stable than streamdev client in xbmc?
Hi Hopefully Andoma can help me here.

I am trying to setup tvheadend here in New zealand using the OptusD1 satellite.
Unfortunately it is not an option presented so I have to enter the multiplexes manually.

Can some one help with the settings? I don't know where to set the LNB frequency,
(it is 10750M for me) the "standard,enhanced etc" options for the LNB in the Satellite Config tab do not tell me anything ..
Also what is the "switchport" setting.

I obviously have things wrong, as when I put a transponder freq of 12483000 in, I get the following error:

Quote:Apr 15 16:44:21 dvb: "/dev/dvb/adapter0" tuning to "12,456,000 kHz Horizontal (MyLNB)" -- Front configuration failed -- Invalid argument, frequency: 2456000

Hope the author of this software is monitoring the list, or someone else can help.

Gujs Wrote:Hi,

I also have a problem with tv headend and sasc-ng. I looked at the permissions and owners of the 4-7 DVB adapters, and they are the same as 0-3 DVB adapters.

sudo /usr/bin/tvheadend -u hts -g video -d -C
[INFO]:dvb: Found adapter /dev/dvb/adapter0 (DST DVB-S)
[ALERT]:dvb: Unable to open /dev/dvb/adapter4/frontend0 -- Operation not permitted
[INFO]:AVAHI: Service 'Tvheadend' successfully established.
Have someone succeed with open-sasc-ng and tvheadend? I'm not - I have Tevii card S464, FTA working as adapter1, sasc-ng runs with -j 1:2, tvheadend with -a 2. I see the adapter with path /dev/dvb/adapter2 in web interface, I can add multiplexes, but it doesn't tune anything.

Someone had more luck? What about the sasc-ng parameters(I tryed some)? What I have to se in sasc-ng log to be on good way?