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Full Version: [LINUX] crash when selecting audio menu, then crash on subsequent startup
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When running video I can view the playback menu, but as soon as I select the audio menu (in order to change subtitles, for instance), XBMC terminates and I'm no longer able to start XBMC on that user (the screen just flickers black and then back to the desktop). Running XBMC on a different or freshly-created user works fine (until the above steps are repeated).

I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 (x64 desktop version), installed xbmc via the jaunty PPA (built May 25, 2009), with 2GB RAM, AMD X2 processor, with an Nvidia GeForce 7600GT - I'm only using the S-video out.

pastebin of my xbmc.log:

Any ideas?
Hey there,
I have a similar problem. When I try to activate the Audio menu when watching video files from my local HD, Xbmc just disappears. This does not happen when watching DVDs (tested it with a AC3 2ch DVD)
I can start XBMC again without any problems though.

I also run Kubuntu 9.04 (x64) and just installed the newest XBMC version today(9.04.1). Not sure if this was a problem with older versions too. I just noticed some horrible audio delay( about 1sec too early) on all of my files, but I think I would have noticed that before I upgraded to the new XBMC today. ( I was running 9.04 before)

Edit: I just started XBMC from the konsole. It returned a Segmentation fault after the crash
Hey there again,
I tested it out some more.

It always crashes when either selecting the Bookmarks or the Audio menu or when I press 'o' to display codec information and such.
I tested various filetypes and codecs.
I tested with PM3 / HD , Aeon, MediaStream skins.
And it always returns a Segmentation fault to the terminal.

It does however not crash on win32 XP SP3.
And it does also not crash when playing a DVD

I'm beginning to think this might be a bug. Can anyone else verify ?
It's because xbmc is not yet compatible with 64 bit.
Yes, I am having the same exact problem as the others.

I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 with the xbmc ppa package on a amd64 as well. The wierd thing is I've run xbmc on the amd64 version of ubuntu (hardy) and it worked fine. However, I believe I was using the subversion version of xbmc at the time.