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Full Version: [XBOX] Autostart random music/video
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I am happy XBMC user. I don't watch classic broadcast anymore, I dont listen old radio. I am sitting near XBOX and what I want to achieve is: I start xbox, and XBOX will play some music automatically - I just set up the folder, where is my music stored and it will play random including subfolders...(like a radio, so I dont have to turn on TV at all and touch remote controller). Also this should be done for videos - I have a lot of music videos...

I did not find any script, plugin/hack for this, so my question is, if this is possible and how.

Thank you a lot.
PMIIIHD has an option under skin setting to auto start a playlist you have created.
thanks a lot for reply, did not know about that, I was using old skin. It really plays playlist, problem is hot to make it shuffle ? I dont want listen same song everytime.

thanks a lot
make a randomized smart playlist?
thanks for reply, we are getting closer Smile

I make randomized smart playlist, save it in same folder as is my normal playlist. Problem is, it seems, XBMC doesn't support smart playlist at startup, I just can not see it, it shows only *.m3u, not *.xsp

XBMC 9.04 r19856

Thanks for help.
Just put something like this in your autoexec.py (you may want to check the wiki on this):
import nt, xbmc

#Define (Smart XSP) Playlist here
file = 'Q:\\UserData\\playlists\\music\\xsp\\MP3 Selection.xsp'

xbmc.executebuiltin('XBMC.PlayerControl(PartyMode(' + file + '))')
ok thanks.

So smart playlist aren't supported in autoplay ? Why not make support for them to avoid modifying sources ?