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Full Version: [XBOX] The no visualization preset bug still exists in some skins! Ex; xTV, Vision...
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The No-visuallation-preset bug still exists in some skins.

xTV (r2198)
PDM (r2198)
Xbox-Classic (r2198)
Vision (r2198)

Here's the build log

Here's the error log.

Since this really isn't a XBMC bug its really only a skin bug i'm posting it here. move it if nessiserry or give info as to where i can report it correctly.

Any more info needed i will be happy to supply.
Ok I will have a looksee and check em all out except xTV will get back to you when done
Ok had a looksee and all of those skins have much bigger problems with current svns of XBMC than just those windows not working. And I really don't have the time or inclination to fix them just yet sorry
Hey dude its no problem just whenever you get the chance. nice skins btw. i like your work. I'm glad to see that the xbox xbmc scene is still thriving after all this time.