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Full Version: Free tickets to LinuxTag 2009 for XBMC Community Members!
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If you can make it to Berlin at some point from June 24th to June 28th this year, then we have free tickets for Linuxtag to give away.

This gives you access to the entire show, including the conference and ofcourse all the booths.

If you'd like one, reply here with an email address and I'll send one out.

I would appreciate a ticket!

[email protected]

damn! why didn't spammers looking for email addies think of this ;P
Attending LinuxTag and have a Facebook account, checkout:

Jonathan still needs your e-mail address here too though Wink
We going to add a thrity or so post count before request limitation? These guys obvious signed up just to get a free ticket.
apocalip can get one.

The others can go back to google and hunt down someone else. These are for the XBMC community.


Thread subject is: FREE tickets to LinuxTag 2009 for XBMC _fans_! ??

XBMC community only??

well...uhmm, what does define a "community member"? Am I a community member by having 100 posts just asking stupid questions I only do benefit from?
Ain't you a member by helping others, donating money to the xbmc project or recommending xbmc to others making the community grow, as I *might* do?!

Do I have to be a active member of this board with 100+ useful and productive posts to be part of the comminuty? - Don't think so.
IMO it's also not the right way to favour someone having 2 posts, makes others feel being treated unfairly.

just my 2 cents.

Anyway, wasn't just looking for free tickets Sad - so don't treat someone like this if you don't really know it.
Btw, just deleting "unwanted posts" is not a solution!

k|w|, you correctly point out that it is very hard for us to judge objectively if someone is actually a XBMC fan or did just sign up for free tickets. However, you offer no solution or suggestion how to tackle this issue.

As I see it Team XBMC has two options:
1. Believe in the honesty of every individual replying to this thread
2. Impose restrictions which make it harder to lie about being a fan

As people are being incentivised (by a free ticket) to pose as a xbmc fan, even though they or not, relying on option 1 appears to be naive.

Hence the only option left is 2. Jmarshall imposed the restriction that users have to have been a member of this forum before the offer for free tickets was made. This is the lightest restriction Team XBMC can impose (or at least I can think of) and hence a fair mean to avoid being abused.

k|w|, if you have any constructive suggestion how to amend our selection criteria, please speak up, otherwise signing up to make this trollish post was a big waste of your and, more importantly, my time.


i don't wanna start any discussion because of a 7€ ticket for linuxtag, that's nonsense.
Maybe it would have been better not offering tickets to the public this way. To avoid problems like this, restrictions should have been imposed before offering tickets to "all XBMC fans".

Just deleting unwanted posts afterwards isn't a solution.

But as I already said, don't wanna start a dusscusion.
Anyway, have a nice day.

I agree I could have written "XBMC community members" rather than "XBMC fan" (who wouldn't be a fan after getting freebies, right?)

This is why I posted on the forums, and not as a news post on the main homepage.

It's clear I underestimated the combined strength of "Free linuxtag tickets" and google...

I deleted the above posts just to make it clear for others coming along that you don't just register here and get freebies. I believe I got my point across.

I appreciate you joining so you could post that though.

Id love to go, but they would have to come with tickets to berlin too Smile
I'm from Berin and I would love to attend on the Linuxtag (:
PM me your name and email address.

I'm a student from Berlin. It would be great if you sent a ticket.

[email protected]
Unfortunately, to be fair to everyone in the community, these tickets are for XBMC community members only (i.e. people who have been part of the community on the forums here for more than an hour).

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