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Full Version: [XBOX] Does all skins work in XBMC for Xbox?
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althekiller Wrote:Because it uses too damn much memory. Which is why the *lite* version is in the list, not the full one. Even that may use too damn much memory Smile

Well the tongue in cheek message at the bottom of the screen that says "Wait I'm a XBOX not a PC" seems to indicate I'm supposed to be happy with the skin all by itself even though I cannot now actually use XBMC at all.

Sucks! Because I don't see how any of the other 3 screens are more usable than PM 3D. Dunno how much more time I wanna waste trying out more XBMC skins. I guess I got carried away after I saw so many UnleashX skins.
I told you right off the bat that many skins were NOT designed with Xbox in mind.
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