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Full Version: [LINUX] Digital Output Sound Card advice?
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Hi All

well ive tried my Audigy with XBMC Live and Windows and i can not get 5.1 working over the coaxial using an external amp, all i get is stereo

my xbmc on my xbox works fine with dts,dolby digital ect


im convinced the audigy sound card is a big fail when it comes to passing all channels through

has anyone got this card working with an external amplifier and digital or can i get a list of cards that work correctly with XBMC

idealy i would like to play mkv with dts on xbmc live


If you open your Audio Volume Control, is there a button that enables s/pdif out? I have to enable the appearance of that check box in the Preferences window of gnome-volume-control.

Then you can successfully enable dig. audio out in XbMc. Good luck Smile