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Full Version: cant find out how to install latest xbmc svn on linux
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I got my ion today, and installed babylon. But it seems i have to have a later svn build to get it to work 100% with aeon. Ive been on windows 10 years. And recently changed to linux. Anyone have an idea on where i can find a guide to how you install the latest svn builds etc
thanks, though i dont have any clue have to install from packages, since ive previously used package, deb stuff. I checked the guide on installing xbmc, but thats the babylon version, and dont know how to install svn builds

also, for some weird reason, i cant seem to do a uninstall of xbmc, i tried to find it in add/remove, but i couldnt, and i cant find in the package manager. i installed http://www.sshcs.com/xbmc/ svn from here, but after installing it i have not vdpau, just shaders and software