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Full Version: [LINUX] Automatic XBMC startup on secondary display?
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Hi - I am new to xbmc.

I guess my setup is common these days: I have my (linux) desktop pc with a dual head nvidia (8600) connected to a primary lcd panel and to my 42" tv hdmi input (secondary screen). These are in two independent X screens.

What I want to do is have my regular gnome in the primary display, and to have xbmc auto-started and full screen in my TV.

The first step is to have xbmc launch in the second display, full screen. I'm struggling with this. I've found ways to do this in windows and Mac, but not linux! I'm running ubuntu 9.04 amd64.

Anyone succeded doing this? Hints?
You can delegate ANY x app to a certain server/screen. However this goes beyond the scope of XBMC. Have a google for the DISPLAY var.