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Full Version: [LINUX] Access FAT file-structure remotely?
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I have xbmc live installed on a CF adapter. I want to backup the entire contents of the drive without moving it to my full linux machine. FTP and putty only allow me to access the ext3 file structure. Is there a way to make a full backup?
bump... anyone
WinSCP maybe?
the full content of the CF is accessible under /.bootMedia, but the file ext3fs.img will be in use so your backup is not so reliable...
One way would be to boot form XBMC Live on a removable disk, mount the cf and transfer the files with an scp client.
If you have linux I'd do
dd if=/dev/sdXY of=/foo/bar.img
from another computer.
I've used it atleast to copy my working setup onto another disk, It's not possible to do from within a running XBMC Live session though if that was what you wanted.