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Full Version: [RELEASE] Luemmel's DVD-Ripper (Script) for Linux, Mac, and Windows
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Got the bluray ripped no problem Smile (just re-ran setup.sh and it cleared the locked file) BUT, it plays very jerky and it doesnt matter which settings I use in XBMC any tips?
OK on my notebook they play very fine ....
Is it may possible that you get more information about your hardware ....
and your xbmc video-settings.
Regards Hans
Hmmm... Maybe I am just crazy, but I am trying to install this addon, but getting no where....

I installed the luxeria Add-ons... then installed the swiss army knife, then went to a command prompt and tried going to the addons directory to go into the swiss army knife directory to find there wasn't one...

Then I found the readme file online, and it said I could extract the addon-zip file inside the xbmc/addons directory, yet I can't find this addon-zip file anywhere....

Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what I am supposed to do...

EDIT - NEVERMIND.... figured it out
Okay, got it working... been doing some testing... One question, if you set the directories up in the config, why does it ask you where you want to save it when you start the transcode??
it will only ask in confirmed mode .....
In the default mode it will never ask
So how do you take it out of confirmed mode, I didn't know I put it in confirmed mode.....
robinsj Wrote:So how do you take it out of confirmed mode, I didn't know I put it in confirmed mode.....

On the main menu you have 2 rip options

1. rip bluray
2. rip dvd

every of this 2 options take the default directory as default place to save the
rip. The default mode of dvd operation is configured inside the settings of the addon.

Is this the red pill or the swiss army knife version. Or did you set up swiss army knife for both the new XBMC addon release and the older non addons version? (r26018 stable)
The red-pill and the blue-pill are for XBMC until release 9.11
The swiss-army-knife is a addon for xbmc 10.0 and there will be no red and blue-pill. In the background the addon is called swiss-army-knife and this knife is
red, therefore it is most comparable to the red-pill

I'm a complete Linux Noob, and XBMC Noob, and i have no idea how to get this running in my setup.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 and XBMC 9.11 running

Can anyone either explain in leymans terms how i would go about setting up this feature, or show me a link or walkthrough as to how i set this up.

And help would be greatly appreciated! and sorry if its been covered before.
With xbmc 9.11 you can only install this :

OK, I give up. Where is the latest script for lucid and sak?

I did find it, downloaded and installed without a hitch using the latest DAH3 live relase. First time I installed that also and have been adding all the additional features I like. DAH3 live on a zotac 330 ion running BD flawlessly I might add, including HD flash 720/1080p videos.

I will now try and backup sd and BD for some testing.

I installed your swiss army knife without an error, but can't find it anywhere. Not in the addons, not in the activate addons, it just installed and went away without an error. And I get this do you want to upgrade the installed addons popping up all over the place (So much for a set top feel). Reminds me of Doze and IE7-8 with all their popup banners.

What do i have to edit to change how it transcodes blurays, say instead of 1920x1080 maybe 1280x720 and a bitrate of 2500?
You have to edit the shell-script : transcode-bluray.sh
Which part of it would i change, i can't seem to see where
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