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Full Version: [RELEASE] Luemmel's DVD-Ripper (Script) for Linux, Mac, and Windows
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Thank you very much.
It was started.
Give in README it too we will write
No problem ;-)
I do not sea the reason why the x attribut was not set during the unzip ...
On what system did you install ?
ubuntu 10.04
I purchased a MakeMKV license replaced the temporary license key.
Now I get an error message "License Expired" when I try to run SAK.

Do I have to reinstall MakeMKV and insert the new license?
Anyone else having this problem?
If you are running version 0.6.16

# The check for a valid mkv licence is only executed
                  # if the bluray part is enabled ..  

                  state = OSCheckLicence()
                  if (state == 1):
                      if (OSCheckContainerID(2)):
                          Enable_Startup_Addon = Enable_Startup_Addon + 1  
                       __enable_bluray__ = "false"

Replace line 1692 inside default.py with the folling code to disable

# The check for a valid mkv licence is only executed
                  # if the bluray part is enabled ..  

                  state = 1
                  if (state == 1):
                      if (OSCheckContainerID(2)):
                          Enable_Startup_Addon = Enable_Startup_Addon + 1  
                       __enable_bluray__ = "false"
Hello Hans,

I'm unclear on how to do an upgrade. Currently Im using 0.6.15 and I want to upgrade to 0.6.16

Originally I installed the Luxeria link. Installed and Enabled Swiss Army Knife Add-On. Ran setup.sh
Went through the install. Then proceeded to rip a few dvd's and one blu-ray.

Upgrade 0.6.16
Prior to trying install version 0.6.16 I uninstalled SAK Add-On. Then removed the directory /script.video.swiss.army.knife

At this point I ran into clarity issues as in not understanding what to do from here. Even after reading through the threads. So I decided to reinstall the 0.6.15 version. I tried ripping another blu-ray but it just runs in a loop now as if corrupted. Meaning the icon WORKING comes up it looks like it reading the Blu-Ray but the dvd drive light is off. After many minutes of this I hit the escape key to get quit. Sometimes this causes instability in the XBMC program that causes it to lock up.
XBMC Live Beta 4 ROC1
Sorry for the delay of my response

Delete all directorys (excluding /dvdrip) and do deinstall the addon.
make a svn checkout
run setup.sh again
is there any newb guide to running this. I've tried and tried but I can't even figure out how to execute the damn thing
wihtout any log or question there is no help ,-)
Hello fellows ;-)
After testing a few dvd's with the vobcopy script (dvd-vobcopy.sh) I had a lot of
troubles. I guess I remove the programm vobcopy from the setup script and do copy the folder with cp. With the normal cp command I had never this errors.

SAK (Swiss-Army-Knife) Easy Install Guide
First Time Install Instructions For XBMC - LIVE
Hans the link below is for version 0.6.15 do you have a link to a the current version 0.6.16

Follow these instructions and you should get the install right the first time. Make sure the answer is yes to both these questions.
1. Your installation is XBMC LIVE
2. This is your first time installing SAK (Swiss Army Knife).
Note! This software is in beta mode there are known and unknown bugs.

Step 1.
Download the add-on script here.

Step 2.
Put the file onto a USB Drive.
Insert USB Drive into your XBMC machine.

Use the menu on xbmc to locate file:
Locate zip drive and open
Locate repository.luxeria.zip
Highlight and Select OK
“A message should pop up informing you the file was installed.”

Step 3.

Highlight SWISS ARMY KNIFE and hit the ENTER key.
Select INSTALL then ENTER key
“A message will come up saying “Swiss Army Knife Enabled”

Step 4.
Exit out to main menu of XBMC.
On your Keyboard hit CTL -ALT – F2
This brings you to a terminal.

Log in with your user name and password.
Now we need to go to the setup directory. Use this command: Take note of the period in front of the .xbmc

cd .xbmc/addons/script.video.swiss.army.knife/shell-linux

If this does not get you to the shell-linux directory you are typing something wrong.
Try going one directory at a time.
cd .xbmc
cd addons
cd script.video.swiss.army.knife
cd shell-linux
Once inside the shell-linux directory type this command.
Note! Where it says user-name insert the user name you used when you installed xbmc.

sudo bash setup.sh user-name

Hit the Enter key and the license acceptance screen will come up.
Enter Y (yes) when asked. You will be asked 5 or 6 times during the install.

When you get to “Generating public / private license rsa key pair” “Enter file in which to save key”
Just hit the ENTER key to use the default.

Next it will ask for a password leave this blank. Just hit Enter and Enter again to confirm.
Next it will ask you “ Are you sure you want to continue connecting” Type YES and hit the ENTER key.

Now it will ask you for your XBMC password. This is the password you used when you installed xbmc. (This is NOT the blank password you just created in the prior step).
Type your password then ENTER.

Now continue selecting Y (yes) to finish installing the supporting programs.
When you get to the Mr. Luemmels congratulations screen, your half way there.

Step 5.
Now reboot your machine.

sudo reboot

Your now back at the main screen. Note! If your back in the terminal again try rebooting a second time.
Now you need to tell SAK (Swiss – Army – Knife) where to rip your files to and you need to change the user name from local to your actual xbmc user name.

From the main menu go to:
Scroll down to VARIOUS SETTINGS – DEFAULT SSH COMMANDS and change the user from local@localhost to whatever your XBMC user name is@localhost. Example: johnj1@localhost

Now you can change the directories where you want your movies stored as you rip them.

Normally this would be the same folder you house your movies. You can also leave the current defaults but you will probably want to create a link to that location from the main VIDEO menu.

Once done save the settings and exit to the main menu.

Go to PROGRAMS and you will see SWISS ARMY KNIFE. Select it.
Now the fun begins start backing up your collection.

The DVD to ISO seems to work consistently well.
The DVD to MKV seems to work consistently well.
The Blu-Ray to MKV I'm testing now.

Let me know if there are any errors to my procedure.
I will update you as I continue testing the features please report back with your findings as well.

I will also be working on the SAK update procedure and try and put that in laymen's terms.
Hope this helps.
Well done ....
The same procedure can be used for the next release 0.6.16
(I released it soon .... 1-2 weeks)
Would I have the permission to use your first-run-guide inside the addon ?

DVD ISO copy seems only to work with DVD's that are not copy protected.

What kind of issue do you have with bluray disc to mkv copy ? (What version of makemkv are you using ?)

My own collection of blurays is not very big ... ( 9 blurays) and therefore I can test the bluray part only with the disc's I own.

For the issue with expired makemkv licence I integrate a parameter to prevent check for expired licence on startup.

Regards from switzerland
Thanks Hans
I added the instructions for installing MakeMKV. This should make the instructions complete for first time installers.
I also made some minor changes to other parts of the manual, take a look let me know if there are any changes needed.

Hopefully with these instructions we will get increased participation in the project and less confusion and questions.

Yes, we just need to change the link to the repositories to allow for the latest updates.
We will need instructions for updates or a script which provides for a clean update. I can write the instructions but I need clarification on the upgrade process myself. Can you give me more detail.

Im using MakeMKV 1.6.2
Using Blu-Ray to MKV It seems to force a reboot of XBMC. This occurs after the message "MKV Conversion Started Succesfully" but not until you leave SAK and go to the XBMC main screen.
The conversion process does not seem to be effected. After the reboot SAK is still converting the Blu-ray. Which seems odd as if its not a full reboot.
I will spend more time on this and start a log file. Im using XBMC live Beta 4 ROC2. Ill start ripping large quantities of Blu-Ray and DVD's and keep you posted.
That was exactly the type of guide I was hoping for!

I know its newbtacular but I couldnt assimilate that info from anywhere.....thank you soo much!!!!

I'm currently ripping a bluray of robin hood. Aside from my drive flashing light is there any other way to check the progress of the rip?

Also, off topic a bit, but is it normal fro DVD ISOs to look craptastic on xbmc?

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe executing a sudo apt-get upgrade could potentially corrupt your install. That's why when I upgrade xbmc a do a targeted upgrade of only the package xbmc (sudo apt-get update -> install xbmc). Is there a way we can install makemkv without the upgrade string?
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