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Full Version: XBMC on Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) Mac Mini dvi to composite
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Hey all, I am trying to get my mac mini (1.5 ghz core solo) to work with XBMC in ubuntu jaunty as described above, but I have run into a couple of dead ends.

The main problem seems to be the graphics chip, the intel i945. I am a little bit of a novice, so I don't know if it supports OpenGL necessary to run XBMC, but for some reason even when i specify "xbmc -fs" it doesn't fullscreen to the proper resolution, is highly pixilated, and laggy. Angry

I assume that this is a problem with some sort of engine that XBMC relies on. If it makes a difference, the jaunty that I am using is actually Linux Mint 7 (gloria), which is based (identical but with some extra packages) on jaunty.

The second problem is that when I hook up the mac mini with its DVI - Compose/s-video adapter, X only shows a mouse cursor at the center of a blank screen. I have a feeling this is a driver problem.Confused

I read in the wiki that the developers were looking to use the Mac Mini as a promising platform for XBMC since its small and has common hardware, so I wonder if anyone else has managed to figure out the proper config for X? If it is for an older version of ubuntu, i would downgrade.

Thanks!Big Grin