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Full Version: Playing Internet Radio Stream in XBMC?
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Can xbmc play this radio stream?

I can't make this stream work with xbmc.
shameless bump

someone please help
I couldn't play it, you could probably use an external player, it says vlc plays their streams, and maybe windows mediaplayer (or open a browser window from xbmc)
when i click listen, it pops up a window and doesn't start playing since it needs silverlight and i don't have it installed. There is a play anyway link that I clicked and a download for a listen.stream file popped up. downloaded that, edited with a text editor, you bascially want to remove everything in the file except for the mms: address. Like this:


That should be all that's left in the file, just save the changes, rename the file to <anything>.strm and it might work for you. You just need to add the folder with the file as a source. It buffers then plays for me on windows 7.
Silverxxx and badmoviesandbeer I want a thank both of you for replying.

Silverxxx how do I use a external player in xbmc. Maybe I am overlooking this setting.

Badmoviesandbeer I basically took this "mms://"
pasted it into notepad and saved it as kbif.strm. I did get vlc to play the file. It takes about 5 minutes before it starts.
I just got a get it working with xbmc.
If it is an mmsh (mms over http) it will not work.
Badmovieandbeer, thanks bro! It works like a charm. I set the cache in xbmc to off and it plays within 20-30 secs after selecting the file.

Thanks again.
Are there any radio streams that work with XBMC for Linux? Just one would be nice... Sad