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Full Version: [Linux] Video driver does not support OpenGL 2.0
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I am posting in a couple forums, so I just wanted to see if I could get specific information here. Here is my system:

Distribution; Mint 7 (based on Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04)
Architecture: x86
Install Method: PPA
log: http://pastebin.com/m15b64cf7
Video Card: VIA Tech CX700/VX700
I am unaware of the version of xbmc that I have, as I will explain later, but downloaded it off of the PPA from the Jaunty repository

The Problem:
When I start up XBMC, it starts in a window and displays a clipped version of the xbmc logo. Then there is just a white screen. Some yellow text scrolls across that is illegible. I cannot do anything at this point.

The solution?
I looked up some info about opengl 2.0 and xbmc, After some research (glxinfo), I found out that I have version 1.2. Now here is my question: one, does anyone here happen to know of how I could get my video drivers updated so that I could run xbmc. Right now, in my xorg.conf, it lists no driver for my video card. Don't know about this. Otherwise, is there a way that I could get xbmc ( a past version) running with a lower version of xbmc or something. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
VIA isn't supported I don't think.
Last I checked no combo of VIA HW/drivers supports enough openGL to run XBMC. Some (search forums) have got it to launch, but performance was extremely poor (read unusable) due to GL stuff happening in SW.