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Full Version: 4:3/low res optimized font size(s)?
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This has been a talking point in various threads without any posted solutions short of editing the font.xml file and was wondering if anyone has yet customized theirs for a 4:3/low res screen or added custom fonts to their Horizonz (or Auriga Lite as I'm not entirely sure if the tags are all the same) install that they would be willing to share with the community.

I started tooling with mine yesterday since I decided to move my big screen and revert back to 4:3 32" non-HD where my xbox is installed and while it's not outside of my capabilities, it would be a huge time-saver if someone has already and would be willing to post a link to their solution(s)...
I finished adding a second font size, but I'm having a problem in a two areas where text is overlaying another field or the field isn't long enough to display the content, but overall it looks good.

Can anyone help me identify the fields and their associated xml files and possibly explain how I can extend them?


Above on the homescreen, the Time/Date Panel is too short to display text longer than a 6 letter weekday and/or four letter month and the time display, when in a double digit hour will sometimes display a "..." after the time where there should be an AM or PM desgination.

When in the TV Shows view, and not in Kiosk mode, and when using showcase, the two fields as shown display text over top of of the other.

Also, the UV Index field in the current weather information on the 4 day forecast screen is also overlaying text badly, but I plan on disabling that screen in the future anyway when I figure out how to run the TWC Supplemental script in it's place.