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Full Version: [RELEASE] World Art (Russian Movies) Scraper (world-art.ru)
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then stick it at /usr/local/share/xbmc/system/scrapers/video
I have some bugs with this scraper:
1. No posters (covers)
2. No actors
Whats wrong?

Скрапер не подгружает постеры и данные актеров - в чем ошибка?
Please read the sticky on how to report a problem in a useful way.

Btw.. "Scraper Development Developers forum for meta data scrapers. Scraper developers only!
Not for posting feature requests, bugs, or end-user support requests!"
I've made some modifications to this scraper. Now it is more XML-compliant, it parses actors again, etc. You can get my version here: ftp://lvu.kiev.ua/worldart.xml. Hope it will be helpful.
1.Actors- work!!!!
2.Posters- not work... :-(((((

актеры снова работают. а вот эскизы все еще не загружаются....
и еще название фильма скачивается так
<title>Гладиатор / Gladiator (фильмWink: рецензия на фильм, кадры из фильма, трейлеры</title>
2hamp: Hope you repair you scraper and put new version here and in main SVN (otherwise new version would be overwritten by autoupdate).

Надеюсь, уважаемый автор внесет требуемые изменения и опубликует новую версию здесь и в основной ветке SVN (иначе при авто-обновлении новая версия будет затертаWink.
Fixed title handling and improved actors recognition. You can get an updated scraper on the same url. Thumbnails seem to work...
If you want this to be included in XBMC create a new trac ticket and attach it.
vdrfan Wrote:If you want this to be included in XBMC create a new trac ticket and attach it.
I think I have to wait for author's reply. If he does not arrive in a week ot two, then I will create a ticket myself.
No need to wait IMO. Contributions and fixes to already existing scrapers are highly welcome Wink
Hm. I've got the latest worldart scraper version from svn. It differs a lot from the one posted here, which I used. Does the 9.04.1 version support <include> directive?

P.S. No, it does not, I've just looked into svn logs. BTW, does anyone know when will the new stable release appear? I don't want to run svn version on my HTPC.
Fixed new scraper from svn, seems it has to work. http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/7313
Committed to SVN. Thanks.
А оно транслит сьест?

Если не сьест- то было бы здорово сделать. На торретах названия сплошь транслитом )))

З.Ы. Что посоветуешь посмотреть новичку по плагинам-скриптам- их описания какие есть где нибудь?
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