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Full Version: Greek Translation-I can help
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Hello everyone Smile
I saw that noone is trying to translate xbmc in Greek Language.
I will start the translation today hopefully, if someone else is doing it already let me know so we can help each other.
I actually think that Greek is one of the more actively updated translations.
Oh, my bad then. Let me know if I can help.
try contacting 'ydatografida', he's the current maintainer
GeoLoLJ, σου προτείνω να μεταφράσεις το κέλυφος Aeon.
"GeoLoLJ, i propose to start with the “ Aeon” skin."

im not sure if im in the right place but can someone please translate some text for me?? modern greek to english
spiff, do you do translations?
nope. that i leave to those that can be arsed Wink and i'm norwegian so no way i can translate anything greek for you. unless its maths ;P
Post in the off-topic discussion and I 'll gladly help you.