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Full Version: [LINUX] Broken MKV
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Hello, I had perfectly fine MKV (1080p) support untill I started messing around and installed the Aeon skin.....(using "git")

all of a sudden my 1080p .mkv files will not play.....(720p seems ok for some reason) other video files\DVDs seem OK too.

When I play them I get audio but just a green\pixely screen.....

Not sure if the applying the skin is the culprit because it happens in any skin I try. ...any ideas? TIA!!

BTW - this is on a minimum "XBMCbuntu" install. Cool
I'm not sure what might have caused that to happen. The Skins are almost an application layer on top of XBMC. I guess it could have caused the issue. It's the first i've heard of something like this though.

See the following thread for more information:
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did you use this skin before. It may be possible if you never used this skin before that it is now using up more memory that the normal PM3 skin. I would try to play the mkv with the PM3 skin, if it works, then you are probably running out of memory.
I have used the Aeon skin before on the same machine but in a full blown Ubuntu install....