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Full Version: media flagging file convention?
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Where to get more information about how my filenames should be for native media flagging?
Is there a list somewhere ?

Thx a lot
do you mean HD flagging? If so this is unrelated to filenames
i want to get DVD logo or Bluray logo and also DTS logo or another audio logo in my Aeon or MedisStream skin.
i thought xbmc get this information from filename like 'mysupercoolmovie.720p.mkv'
That was an unsupported skin specific hack that was never going to last (nice as a proof of concept though)

The current version does it directly and does NOT USE FILENAMES Smile

get a recent svn and enable it from settings and you are done.
ok i installed the lastest svn build yesterday.
i'll check it out this evening, thx.

how does it work, will the file content be scanned?
yes the file content will be scanned by demand driven by what XBMC needs to show in the library view you are in.

fyi few skins support showing these tags yet. stick with PM3
oh great. thx for good explanation.
what u mean with 'stick with' - will pm3 support that flagging or aeon or which skin does it? Nod
I cant be sure but I am fairly certain only PM3 supports it. It is after all like 10 days old feature
Okay i'll try it out with pm3 to see if the feature works at my xbmc. thx