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Full Version: [WINDOWS] XBMC on Netbook/Notebook -> Video on PC ?
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Hello ! Greetings from Germany... Here's Dirk with his first post Wink

I'm using XBMC on a HTPC (running Win7) which is connected to a Sony Bravia TV via DVI->HDMI; the HTPC is connected to our home network (my wife's PC and a WiFi-Connection, sometimes used with Nintendo DS or my PDA). Altough our living room isn't THAT large, i always seek for solutions to make our movie-watching more comfortable.

I'm not happy with the fact, that i have to surf the web etc. with the 52" TV and that i used so many Keyboard/Mouse/Trackball-Solutions and never found one, with which i'm happy (something like a DiNovo Mini is way too expensive - i don't see the cost/perfomance ratio here)... and so next week, i will buy a Netbook (maybe an Aspire One D150) to satisfy my "Surfing needs" Big Grin

And here's the idea/question:

I want to have XBMC on the netbook, just for selecting the movie to watch (i can give the netbook to my guests and they can browse the movie catalog). If i select a movie it shouldn't play on the netbook, but on something like a "XBMC-Server" on the HTPC. XBMC should only give a signal to the HTPC (via WiFi) to start a movie.

- Installing XBMC on the netbook - no problem ...check!
- Browsing movies libraries on the HTPC via WiFi - no problem ... check!
- After selecting a movie, XBMC is sending out a signal to remotely start a videoplayer on the HTPC with the selected movie instead of playing it on the netbook .... HuhHuhHuh??

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions !

No need to install XBMC on the netbook. Just use XBMC web interface to control it.

Ok.. thank you - i will try it, as soon as my netbook has arrived...
But: It's limited to a "lite" version of the Project Mayhem Skin, isn't it? No Aeon or other skin.. and no covers?
It would be nice to have a blank screen on the TV (or a black desktop), choose a movie on the Aeon skin at the netbook, press "Return" and ...Voilá!... the movie appears on the TV-Screen. But maybe i make too high demands on the XBMC.. :-) (or i may have eccentric wishes ?!)

But the Web Interface should do...