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Full Version: Wrong movie info no matter what I do
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Normally when the wrong movie name/info is selected I follow the standard procedure of refreshing and when the list comes up I select the correct movie. I've done this dozens of times. Well, I have this 1 stubborn movie that no matter what keeps coming up with the wrong name. The movie I have is Broken Arrow, the scraper keeps thinking it's A Knights Tale. I've tried everything I can think of. I've removed it from the library, rescanned, restarted, check the folder name as well as the mkv filename. It all says Broken Arrow, but the scraper keeps selecting A Knight's Tale. Some times when I do a refresh it allows me to select Broken Arrow, but then when I look at the library list, it's back to A Knight's Tale. What the hell is going on? It's driving me nuts!
How are you videos set up? Are they all in the same folder or do they have different folders? The folder that Broken Arrow is in might have an .nfo file that is making the scraper go to A Knight's Tale.

Check to see if you've got a rogue file that's making the scraper give you the false information since those two movies shouldn't be getting confused with one another.
My folder structure is as follows:

Movies\Format\Movie Name\movie.file.mkv

So in this case its Movies\720\Broken Arrow\broken.arrow.mkv

There is an nfo file in there as well, but it also says Broken Arrow.

I also have issues with movies that contain : in the name, but windows doesn't allow them.

Mission Impossible I
Mission Impossible II
Mission Impossible III

All these show up as the same one, Mission Impossible (so I have 3 of these in my library). Again even if I refresh it and select the correct one it keeps reverting to the wrong one.
The Mission Impossible problem is due to stacking.
Go to Settings > Videos > General > and uncheck "Treat stacked files as single file" and that should clear that up.

Are you sure the contents of the nfo are correct? I just made a file called broken.arrow.mkv and it scraped correctly for me. The scraper's doing it's job, but it's being overridden by something else.

If the contents of the nfo are correct, then go to Settings > System > Enable debug logging and then try scanning it again. Then upload the contents of Q:\xbmc.log to pastebin.com and post that link here. Something may be messed up with your video database.
We don't stack on roman numerals (thinking of the code that would take is making me sick...). For the original problem you can use a URL nfo to guaranty a match. Just create a plain text file named "A Knight's Tale.nfo" and inside put the URL to imdb.com. We only grab the IMDB ID from the URL for a lookup so it doesn't matter if you're actually using the IMDB scraper or not.

As for the other problem, probably going to need that full debug log on pastebin.com.
You guys rock! Dam IMBD ID was wrong! doh... I put the correct one and now it's working perfectly!

As for mission impossible, it's a similar issue. I had all 3 IMDB IDs in there, I forgot to split them up!