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Full Version: [REQUEST] Jamendo.com Music Plugin or Script?
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What I am interested in doing is streaming jamendo.com radio streams through XBMC, i have read some things about streaming non shoutcast streams, but i am very much lost in the dark about how to accomplish this task.

I read about a script package that claimed to give XBMC the ability however i couldn't find the actual package.

The reason that I ask is because I am trying to listen to and support more creative commons type of music, and while shoutcast is great and more creative commons type streams are cropping up, I have found that Jamendo.com has a ridiculous amount of great streams.

There is at least one Jamendo shoutcast stream that I have come across, however it is a mix of their station, so one minute I am listening to trance/ambient, and the next some kind of strange german death metal.

This tends to be a mood breaker if ever there was one.

Look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with!

Hmm. i don't seem to find any _streams_ from jamendo.com - just listening to whole albums on demand. Is that what you want to accomplish? Like f.e. the jamendo support in Rhythmbox (Linux)?
You could maybe try out this RSS feed:

...or write a python plugin or script: