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Full Version: Questions from a newbie to XBMC Live
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Can anyone help me with the following questions - I have searched for answers though haven't fond any.

Installation to hard drive successful and working well on Dell SX260.

  1. I have installed it on a 300gb drive - though I am unable to access this drive, other that the home folder in XBMC. What do I need to do in order for XBMC to access the other partitions.

  2. I would like to install emulators on the machine - can anyone give me a step by step guide.

  3. The same with firebox.

Any help will be appreciated.
Installing Firefox should be as easy as running
sudo apt install firefox
I believe that there is a way to run an application from XBMC. The emulator application would be run in the same fashion.
1) Maybe there is a better way....but if you create a link to a folder somewhere else and place the folder in /home you can access it from XBMC.
There is a small FAQ which covers mounting an HDD in XBMC Live here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=51782
Just wanted to say thanks for all your replies. Really greatful. I'm going to give it a go later today. Does anyone have specific advice on setting these up with launcher....

I'm new to linux....
The following command:

sudo apt install firefox

doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm new to linux - do I need to enter anything to start programming from XBMX live? I used cntrl alt f2 to enter the command mode which worked fine....

Also I have maually downloaded firefox for linux and copied it accross to a folder - this doesn't seem to work when pointed to from launcher either- any ideas?

i bellive the correct command would be:
sudo apt-get install firefox

to uninstall
sudo apt-get remove firefox

Then you need to point your launcher plugin to the firefox executable.
The-Boxhead Wrote:Then you need to point your launcher plugin to the firefox executable.

How do you actually do this? What is the executable for Firefox in Linux? And can you open FireFox without etc Gnome/KDE installed?
ok after you do
sudo apt-get install firefox

then you need to symlink the firefox install folder
so that you can choose it from the lancher plugin.
create a folder in /home/xbmc/firefox
do this in a terminal:
sudo mount --bind /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.11 /home/xbmc/firefox

then fire up the launcher and add the firefox by browsing to

Thanks / Takk!
oh i forgot...

the symlink you create will be gone if you reboot the computer.
to make the symlink permanent do this:

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

then add the line:
mount --bind /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.11 /home/xbmc/firefox

this causes the symlink to kick in each time you boot the system.

i bellive you can use the same approach on other aplications as well.
Still no joy for me unfortunately.

During the install it starts and begins to downloads some of the files then there are errors refering to an IP address not being accessible. Same with mame.

Also is it possible to extend the partition size of XBMC Live. I'm concerned that with that with all the art for my dvd that space will soon run out.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
Run this first.

sudo apt-get update
If anyone gets this to work (install Firefox and the Launcher on XBMC Live), could you -please- write a step-by-step guide, assuming that the reader knows nothing about Linux?

There is a ton of information in this forum regarding the above processes, but it is scattered all over the place, and in tiny, nearly intelligible (for the neophyte) chunks!

For example, simply stating: "Use apt-get" is -not- helpful, particularly when this is a very unique paradigm for installing applications on Linux, and clearly not understood by those familiar with the virtually universal concept of downloading an installer executable via HTTP/FTP, and then running it in their OS.

I'd do it, but it's a Catch-22, as I'm still trying to get a comprehensive understanding of the process and order, after hours of research!

XBMC Live is a highly-trimmed Ubuntu Linux install, right?

Are there appropriate installed system resources to actually use an application like Firefox with the default install? Huh

The reason I ask is that after an apparently successful install using apt-get, if you type "firefox" at the command line you get "Error: no display specified".

Is there something missing, is this to be expected?

I'm assuming that once you exit to the command line, XBMC is no longer relevant, and you are simply a Linux user, correct?

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