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Full Version: PQ of DVD with ION systems?
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I'm looking to replace my EVA9150 with an ION System and XBMC Live for the ability to play my Bluray rips. While my current system doesn't have that ability, it gives me excellent picture quality and upscaling of DVDs (MPEG2), something that I'm not willing to sacrifice.

I've read some older comments that VDPAU doesn't work with DVD rips and that because of that DVD picture quality suffers. Is that still (or ever was) valid? Does someone possesses both an ION XBMC system and something like an eva or a popcorn hour and can compare the picture quality (with HDMI connection)?
Well, at the moment SD content (so also DVDs) does not use the nvidia gpu (with vdpau) and thus you don't get the hardware deinterlacer or the post processing features like noise reduction. This wil probably change in the near future since there has been some work done from one of the forum visitors to implement overlays for xbmc - this allows dvd menus, subtitles and similar while using vdpau leading to it probably being enabled for SD content.

Xbmc rocks!!
Thanks Clumsy, that clears it. I look forward to it.