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Full Version: Upcoming MC360 Mod - Looking for suggestions
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I'm sure not too many people use MC360 anymore, but I do and I was missing some of the XBMC features everyone is getting excited about lately. So I've started working on some mods to bring it up to date as well as fix any problems I can find.

Does anyone have suggestions for things they'd like to see that never made it to MC360?

Here's a teaser of Fanart in Programs (Launcher plugin) with my mod (Just a 4x3 shot for now):
Whoa... it looks good. But what grabbed me was tekken 3? is this for xbox or pc? and if so how? I thought Tekken3 was ps2/3
Tekken 3 was released on PS1.

Launcher and MC360 (and this mod) work on all platforms that XBMC does.
So, I'm clearly taking forever but I've not given up.

Here's a few shots of the Wall view I've done.
It's a bit hacky but it's really awesome to have your N64/SNES thumbs show up in the correct orientation.
I've moved Live Place out to the front blade (optional) and added 8 customisable buttons.

I've implemented the Recently Added script.
This is looking really good. It might actually get me to use a skin other than PMIII. Keep it up! Big Grin
looks great man, this is getting me exited again for MC360 Smile

Keep it up!
Thanks, man.

I'm on to the 16x9 part now so hopefully this will be done in the next week or so.
Just wondering how it's coming along Smile
Studying in the day, fiddling with this at night. I'm anxious to get it out, dw.
most obvious dead as a doornail ....rest in peace xD