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Full Version: 30 fps when using sync audio ? ? ?
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Using SVN PPA's just noticed this morning that when I have audio clock selected with sync to audio that if forces my 24 fps movies to 30 and the audio actually becomes really out of sync. Has there been major changes? It use to work great (exsept in ISO's -jerky) does any one know what might be causing it?

Thanks. Smile
You have been around here for a while now - you should know that the dev's lost their magic eightball and now need a proper report with at least a debug log Smile
Sorry Clumsy,

Was in a rush to work. Thought it may have been a know issue. In this case what log do I need to post ? Its not a crash its just an observation. I hope I'm about to learn something new.

Well, first activate debug logging (see my sig and the read this first link), then restart xbmc and start playing a video that shows the symptoms and maybe let it play for a short while. Then close xbmc and post the log somewhere on pastebin. That way the devs have enough information (your xbmc version, os, settings) to maybe help with your cause.
fixed in current SVN update. Smile