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Full Version: nvidia limited/full rgb color range?
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Is there a way to change color range with nvidia linux drivers? I know it's not yet supported by xbmc itself (http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/5019) just wanted to know how is this handled on linux, as you can set output color range with nvidia windows drivers (http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/1638/nvidiayu6.jpg) thanks for help.
What about the color correction screen in nvidia-settings.
pbjr: thanks for very useful link! seems it's on nvidia's to-do list, good to know. In the meantime I've increased brightness to 55 and it works like a charm (as a substitution for 16-235 levels), no color banding or any other problems. Smile

bobo1on1: I wanted to try it, but it doesn't work here with xbmc live and latest drivers by default and I'm linux noob so fix by vdpau brightness is good enough for me now and from that discussion it's not implemented yet anyway.
I use 55 as well already. Found that to be the best.

You should also play with the Noise Reduction and Sharpness as changing those have also increased the perceived picture quality (at least the way I perceive it Smile ).
Sadly, several months later it looks like this is still just on NVIDIA's "to-do" list. I am running into the problem of crushed blacks on my new Panasonic G10 with XBMC Linux due to the signal being output in RGB Full while my TV is expecting RGB Limited.
Same problem here on my P50V10. I think I found some commits for Plex where they added code for switching between Limited and Full RGB, and have added the links to ticket 5019, but I'm not sure if I can hack this up to apply to a recent version of XBMC. Someone with experience might have a better idea about that. Anyone? Big Grin
I can also now suggest the method of using the Video OSD within XBMC to bump up the Brightness and Contrast settings to around 55. (I think I ended up liking somewhere between 55 and 60 best personally.)

This is apparently pretty close to the same result as switching to Limited RGB.. I know that it greatly improved my overall picture and especially the shadow detail when viewing videos from XBMC on my G10.